Clash of the Titans – Hype and Reality

This is arguably one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and also one of the best publicized and advertised movies as well. Everywhere you go, you can see something about the movie. There are posters of the movie at the MRT station, on the streets, in shopping malls. You name it, they have reached it. Therefore, there is little wonder why people are flocking the cinemas to watch it, especially because it was released during the Easter long weekend, which proved even more strategic and well planned.

However, after watching the movie, you may, like me, feel very disappointed. Despite all the hypes, the movie itself was just simply normal. The plot was simple, borrowed from a few Greek myths, and combined together the Hollywood style, so nothing was original, and nothing was the same as the books and stories anymore. Yes, we have Perseus, the son of Zeus, but instead of marrying Andromeda, the princess whom he saved from the sea monster, he seemed to get together with his guardian angel, who was pulled from the middle of nowhere to fit the bill. And for an epic movie, I personally believe that anything less than 2 hours is just too short. You need time for the story to evolve, to build the plots and let the schemes unfold. It’s not because of nothing that Peter Jackson made 3 hours epic movies, and they rock. Anyway, I don’t want to deter you from watching the movie and seeing Sam one more time on screen since the epic Avatar. But don’t hold too high hopes, come in with a relaxing mind and enjoy the marvelous actions scenes, and for those who have read and love the stories, be open and accept the Hollywood way of story telling, for that is the trend nowadays 🙂

As the best part of the movie are the actions, let’s stop the words here and let the photos do the talking instead 😀

Perseus fighting Medusa in the underworld

Keeping his head low to avoid Medusa’s deadly gaze

The triumph of victory

Perseus, Pegasus and the sword from Zeus. Pegasus rocks by the way

The sea monster. Despite being called Kraken, it looked none like a squid. Well, it had testicles, but it also had a big body, a scary head, crimson eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth

Perseus was facing the black hole created by Hades to punish the queen for daring compare her daughter with the beauty of the gods.

Andromeda, the strong willed princess that almost became food

Perseus fighting alongside the horror of the desert, the controllers of the giant scorpions. They are some kinds of zombie, or corpses, with their body parts being replaced by woods and stone to make lengthen their lives.

On the hunt for Medusa’s head

Battling the giant scorpions. Is there any link  between this and the scorpions in Scorpion King?

I really don’t understand what this owl has to do with the story. Can anyone enlighten me?

The blind witches, whom Perseus consulted about the way to kill the Kraken. I believe I have seen one in the movie Hellboy as well (The one who cured the Boy). Don’t know who they are, maybe they can see into the past and the future. They look quite scary though, with eyeless faces and an eyeball in a palm.

Perseus with the head of Medusa

Medusa before being killed. She looked really scary, with the big tail, smooth and silent moves, and the sudden, unexpected appearances. One of the bright spots of the movie itself.

Ralph Fiennes as Hades and Liam Neeson as Zeus. Such a waste of talents, they themselves deserve more meaty roles in better movie than this.

Perseus’s guardian angle, whom Zeus raised from the death to become Perseus’s wife (Poor Andromeda, don’t know what happened to her after she was rescued from the monster)

Bonus: The epic battle in Renaissance pictures (You can find some similarities to the scenes in the movie. For me, the scene where Andromeda was chained to the cliff reminded me of a scene in King Kong):


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