How to train your dragon – Lovely ;)

So, finally, after quite a lot of hits and misses, DreamWorks have done it right, again. The movie is cute, lovely, exciting to watch, and captivating until the very end. The plot is not new, not original, but it is presented in a very interesting way, with beautiful animated characters. Even the beasts look cute enough for a kiss on their cheeks 🙂

The movie revolves around the Vikings and their struggle against the fearful dragons. Having to share the island with a lot of dragons of all kinds, it’s important for them to be on guard at all times and to prepare themselves with necessary training to self defend against the beasts. Luckily for them, they are led by a strong leader who knows what has to be done to keep them safe on the island.

Training starts when the kids are strong enough to hold their weapons. The best in the class will become a true Viking and is given the privilege to fight and kill a dragon.

However, Hiccup, the leader’s son, who was supposed to be the best, turned out to be a disaster, with his poor health, lack of movement control and  slender build. However, he is very determined to prove himself useful and not a disgrace to his leader father.

In a twist of fate, his weapon hit the fearsome Night Fury, the only dragon that has not been seen or found or killed, as it is too fast, too strong and too smart, and everything is never the same again.

He traced and found the wounded beast, but his compassion took over, and Hiccup and the beast, which he called Toothless on the fact that it can control whether to show or hide its teeth, become friend and comrade in battle. He feeds the dragon, fixes its broken tail and even teaches it to fly high again.

(This is the magical moment when the beast accepts the man and the become friends, not enemies)

To tell the truth, when I saw the trailer of the movie, I was not very impressed. It was a bit too cartoonist, the black dragon looked ugly, and I was afraid it would be something like Bee Story (A massive failure, in my opinion). However, after some friends watched and recommended, we decided to give it a try, and it was worth more than that. Toothless is very charming and lovely, and quite like my cat Mimi, with big, round, yellow eyes and flat face 🙂 It also has some behaviors and display of affection that makes me think about Mimi, such as its love to be stroked, touched on it head, padded, caressed and loved. And because we love our Mimi so much, it’s really natural that we quickly fell in love with Toothless also. It was just like a cat or a dog in the form of a dragon.

Of course, the movie will be very boring if it stops there. Luckily it did not. There were some intense moments, when the dragon fought alongside the man, and some touching moments when the man and the beasts went all out for each other. But for those who are in tears easily, I assure you that you will leave the cinema happy and comfortable, and the ending, though not perfect, tends to achieve perfection in its own way.

(This scene relives in me the magical moment of Aladdin when the poor guy and the princess flew around the world on the magic carpet)

This movie may not go into history, but I believe it will be loved, and remembered by many, and not just children alone.

Now, let’s take a look at the dragons featured in the movie

And the cast 😀


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