European leagues are coming to a close (1)

So, the European leagues are coming to a close. It has been quite a while since the last we had to wait for so long to see the champions surface. Most of the time, the winners were quite confirmed before the last round. Not this year. The playing fields have become much more level, and the competition has been much more tense, which is good for viewers, but not good for players, as they cannot simply sit back, relax and wait for the next big games. This will be a torturous summer for many of them, as the World Cup is coming very soon, so they have no rest and at high risk of injuries.

Anyway, let’s get back to the confirmed champions.

Premier League: Chelsea

After three years, the cup has returned to London. And they deserve it. They have won it by a tight margin of 1 point only, but also with style and substance, scoring 103 goals and beating all their rivals. They have attacked vigorously, and controlled the games many times. That is Carlo’s style. Even when he was still in Milan, he was forced by his boss to play good looking football, and he has done the same for Chelsea. Of course, that is also what his current boss, Abramovic, wants. Moreover, they have a Golden Boot winner for his main striker, Drogba, and they are on track to win a double this weekend. They cannot win a trio, but two is still a good achievement, especially for a newcomer. So, good job, Ance.

Ance always seems to be at his best during the first season, and goes downhill then, due to his lack of change and varieties in strategy. The longer he is around, the more his opponents learn how to defeat him. Hopefully that will not be the case here, and this will not be his last Premier League win with Chelsea.

Chelsea is at the top now, but like Milan, they are ageing. So, in order to continue the winning streak, they really need some investments for next year, or those old soles will not be able to bear the stress much longer.

Drogba is at his prime, but he will soon need a good substitute so that he can rest and reload his lethal weapons.

Next task for Ance will be Champions League. He has won that title twice with an ageing Milan, so there’s no reason why he cannot do that again, and become a legend. Let’s wait and see.

Bundesliga: Bayern Munchen

I don’t follow this league very closely, but I have watched them play in Champion’s League, and they are really good. They have a good team, balanced and deep, strong defence and creative attacking. With this victory, now they can focus on their upcoming Champion’s League final, which they will be advantageous, as Inter Milan will have one less week to relax and prepare.

The arrival of Arjen Robben has really made a difference in the way they play and attack. With Robben, they have a player that can score when nobody else can, with magical moments and game changing actions. He has always been talented, but never the heart of a team before. He has had wonderful moments, but those were marred by his long periods of injuries. All that seems to have changed since he joined Bayern, and now he is the heart of the team, inheriting the place that Ballack and Jurgen used to hold, and bringing the team to victories. Hopefully he will shine again in Madrid, and we will have a wonderful game to watch and marvel.

The challenge for them now is to keep the squad intact, so that they can repeat those great moments in the future. An exodus will make this team unstable and unbalanced again, and it will be another long wait for them to come back and roar a loud, fierce roar again.

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