European leagues are coming to a close (2)

Serie A: Inter Milan.

So, finally, Inter Milan has won the title for the 5th consecutive years. If they win the Champion’s League this weekend, they will have a miraculous season, comparable to Barcelona last year. It will not be easier, yet not out of reach, and they have enough reasons to find with whatever they have as they are stepping on the stairway to heaven.

This Serie A title is not an easy. They have had great moments when they stood alone at the top, far from the second in the standing. However, after some slippage, they lost their footholds, and even lost the top post to Milan, and then Roma, for a brief period, before getting it back and sailing through to the end with very tight margin. They have endured the stress and triumphed over it. It’s a hard earned victory, but a deserving one. Now they can focus on their ultimate goal, and not let the worries about the future, the changes, the arrivals and departures, and whatever else interfere and steal their  attention away. It has been a long time since they last won the Champion’s League, and they cannot afford to wait any longer.

Nobody can deny that Mourinho is a talent, with a Midas touch that turns everything into goal. The question is, whether he will continue staying in Inter, especially after he is already covered with “gold” there, or will he go somewhere to make new gold again. Well, the answer is still hanging in the air, and Inter Milan should not think too much about it now. They will have plenty of time to think after this weekend’s crucial match.

Diego Milito is the reason why Inter fans have not missed Ibrahimovic too much. Since coming to Inter, he has never stopped scoring and sending fans wild with happiness and excitement. If he keeps scoring in the coming World Cup, together with Lionel Messi, then Argentina will have a very high chance for the title.

Zanetti will miss this World Cup, his last World Cup as a player. That is confirmed and set in stone. That will not change and he will have to live with that bitter truth. But his bitterness will cease at least a bit with the third victory this weekend, so I am sure he will do his best, for the title that he has never won in his long and glorious career.

La Liga: Barcelona

So, finally, Barcelona has managed to defend their title. They could not recreate the miracle of last season, yet they were not empty handed. More important was the way they won the title: By earning 99 points (a record), with only 1 lost game, and a lot of crushing victories with many goals. Their striker, Lionel Messi, won La Liga’s and European League’s Golden Boot titles, and their goalkeeper, Victor Valdes, is the best league’s best goalkeeper. They have set quite a few new records, some of them not easily broken and may be there to stay for a long time. Therefore, even if they don’t have the Champion’s League, they have the right to be happy and proud of themselves, and with some high quality arrivals this summer and no major departure, they will be all set to rival Real Madrid and fly high for more title again in the next season.

Valdes, the league’s best goalkeeper, is set to shine in the Spanish squad this summer in South Africa

Guardiola is the main reason behind their success. He is young, and talented, and with time he will still go very far.

Messi is a huge star. That is the truth. And we are all looking forward to seeing him shine this summer in a bid to bring glory to his country. If he is in top form, he can create miracles.

Ibrahimovic is a great addition to the team and he has shown his quality. But he is capable to do more and win more titles with Barca, which is hardly the case with his home team Sweden.

Finally, FA Cup: Chelsea, again.

A wonderful end of the season for Chelsea and for Ance. Such a quick achievement in the first season here. Now he can focus on doing whatever necessary to prepare for the ultimate goal: Champion’s League title. And I believe his boss will not be very patient, and with the economic recovery going on, he will do more to make his dream come true as early as possible.


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