Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

After the bitter experience with Clash of the Titans, I could not help having some doubts before walking into the cinema to watch Prince of Persia: Sands of  Time. Luckily, the experience did not repeat once again, and I felt much better leaving the cinema after the movie even though the ending was relatively equally cheesy 🙂

Prince of Persia is a pure action movie. It’s full of actions and fighting scenes, from the beginning to the end. You cannot find a still moment in which the actors don’t run around or wield a sword. The actions were endless, and now to think of it, I am kind of lost and have to try to recall the plot the has been buried behind all those sword fights.

So, true to its name, Prince of Persia is the story of a prince, a special prince, not by blood, but by chance and spirit. I quite appreciated the beginning part when the director introduced the origin of the prince. It helped those who are not familiar with the game, like me, get hold of the story. It’s short and sweet, and impressive. A kind of “Once upon a time …” in the movie language.

Then the actions begin. So are the plots, the treacheries, the lies, and the schemes that turns the plot as fast as the speed of Dastan’s, the prince from the slum, feet. It was relaxing to watch, and I love the fact that the story had room for surprises and wrong prediction. That’s the arts of storytelling. If the story is too predictable, the movie experience will become much less exciting.

Another surprise is seeing Jake act the hero part. I have never thought of seeing him in the form of a hero. He looks to gentle, too fragile, too intricate for a role that needs physique and brute strength. However, after watching Dastan, I know he can do it. His physical form is right for the part, and in his eyes, there is fire. It will be no surprise if we see him in another action movie very soon 🙂

Standing beside the hero is a damsel in distress. That’s the try and true version of Hollywood movies. However, this time, the damsel is not in much distress, but in action. Lots of actions. And she is none other than Gemma Arteton, the beautiful princess in Clash of the Titans.

This time, she takes on a more major role, with more screen time and more fighting scenes. Unlike the powerless princess who got strapped on the pole as a meal for the freaky monster, this time she takes her fate into her own hands and does everything to execute her plan, including turning against the poor clueless runaway prince. She is smart, she is hot, and she is very appealing. From Bond Girl, to Andromeda, to Tamina, she has progressed a lot, and if she continues progressing like this, she will soon become one of the new princesses of Tinseltown.

Again, I repeat that the ending is cheesy. But that’s enough cheese to bear with, especially after all the muscles and blood and sweat and tears shed throughout the previous 2 hours. Moreover, it’s the kind of “Happily ever after …” ending of the fairy tales, so I am content with that.

The CG and special effects are quite impressive. Disney seems to have the ropes on how to make a visually good looking super hero movies. I have read somewhere that they will no longer make normal movies anymore, to focus on franchises, superheroes and animations, and I have no complaint about that.

The movie also features Sir Ben Kingsley. His role is not as major as Dastan and Tamina, but he makes good of each and every moment on screen to portray the image of a true villain with a cold heart and a cold head full of schemes and plans and dark plots to achieve his goal. That’s the quality of an experienced actor.

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