Sex and the City 2

So, Sexy and the City is back. Another sequel, built upon the huge success of the first movie, and the never ending love for fashion of audience. It has been 2 years since the first movie based on the series, and that means Carrie and her friends are 2 years older. They are still hot and sexy as ever, but the signs of age have shown clearly on their faces, even that of Charlotte, the youngest looking among them.

The movie runs at 2.5 hours, which I personally believe is a bit too long. That kind of length is only suitable for movies with very complex plots and lots of twists and turns, or those that feature epic battles. This one is a drama, and dramas should be 2 hours or less. That’s why there were not enough details to fill in the whole movie, and there were moments of meaningless stretches and sleepiness.

This time, there was a nice little twist. Instead of sticking to the scenes of New York City, the movie took place in a city far away, in Abu Dhabi, the city of mystery and a totally different culture. Of course, there were lots of high fashion clothes, beautiful rooms, a nice hotel and high class lifestyle, but the way they were projected made me think that the whole movie might be sponsored by the rulers of Abu Dhabi to advertise their country as the destination of choice for high rollers. The level of luxury was a little bit too much, and a lot of emphasis was put on the personal services that catered to each and every subtle need of the customers in that luxurious hotel.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not mean that the movie was not good or the scenes were not amazing. The scenes were indeed very marvelous, and the beautiful hotel made me understand more clearly why Abu Dhabi was neck deep in debts and had  to ask for bailouts. They simply tried too hard to become the new face of the Middle East, overtaking Qatar, and the built too many high class hotels too fast. How many people can afford that level of luxury? I don’t think many people can, especially during tough times.

Ok, enough of economics, let’s get back to the movie. The most important lesson that I gain from this movie is that, it’s really dangerous to be married without children. There is simply too much time, and too much less important thing to spend that time on, so things can easily go haywire due to the lack of business. Both partners in this case will have to work extra hard to find useful ways to spend their time together in a fruitful manner, thinking of new ways to refresh their relationship and making each day after work a joyful experience. Otherwise, the whole marriage can collapse, especially given the fact that there is not much shared responsibility.

The second lesson I have learned is delegation and trust. You cannot do everything yourself. You have only 24 hours a day, and it is sometimes impossible to give enough time to everything you want to do. Therefore, you have to prioritize and delegate, or you will burn out and go crazy soon. Once you have delegated, you have to trust, or you will also go mad and have no peaceful second. If you still have doubts, then you should either change the arrangement to clear those doubts and regain peace, or you should learn to live with it if it’s the only way that works. By the way, things sometimes are much different from what they look like, so it’s better to come and ask for the answer, instead of keeping silent and guessing the answer yourself. If Charlotte had confronted her sexy nanny, she would have known the truth and not have been on the edge all the time in Abu Dhabi.

Overall, the movie was just ok to me. It was a bit too lengthy, and less concentrated than the first one. Moreover, there was not much sex, the essence of the series, probably because of the Arabian context. There were some dirty jokes, but they were quite tame, too.

Once of the funniest moments in the movie may be the cameo scene of Miley Sirus. It’s very short, but it vastly reflects the fact that time never stops and youth will go away and it’s almost pointless to try in vain to turn back time or in this case, trick yourself into believing that you are still teenage when in fact you are not. That kind of vanity will do more harm than good, so it would be wiser to accept the truth and make it work for you. Mature women can still be as beautiful and sexy as ever 🙂


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