Season of the Witch, or season of the bored

To tell the truth, there is not much juice in that movie. Although it stars Nicolas Cage, the rest of the casts are quite little known. Probably, they only had enough budget to hire a big star, and then hoped that he would be big enough to carry the whole movie to at least break even or profit marginally. Well, maybe they have achieved that (I even don’t bother to waste time checking the profit and loss of this movie), but the quality of the movie is something Cage cannot salvage alone all by himself.

The movie is quite a bore. The plot is thin, and borrowed. There is a little twist and surprise in the end, but the surprise does not come naturally, but forcefully. The ending was loosely constructed, as if the director tried ending it without many creative ideas in mind. There are some action scenes with swords and arrows, some magic, and some legends. That’s it.

The movie was about the supposedly final quest of two knights who were tired of fighting for others’ glories and gains, and doubtful about the true purpose of the war they had been fighting. They had decided to wash their hands and walk away, but fate made them go on that final quest, so that they could be redeemed and had the chance to really turn a new life without fighting and killing. Armed with that purpose, they started the journey to the holy land to transport an alleged witch girl for trial, only to find out that things did not turn out the way they were supposed to be, and encountered strange things that they had never encountered before. In the end, the trial became an ultimate battle for survival, for protection of mankind, and for eradication of the dark force from this world.

Although the plot does not have much for thoughts and pondering, the movie is not really suitable for the faint-hearted, as there are unknown diseases that terribly morph the faces of the infected, some fiercely looking wolves, some bright red blood and some thrilling scenes. Therefore, you can opt for it if you want to release stress and do not want to think too much during the movie.

Or if you are Cage’s fan, and cannot afford to miss any of his movie, although I must sadly admit that, his recent ones have been far from fantastic, and it would be a shame to compare this movie, or The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, to the likes of National Treasure or City of Angels.


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