Black Swan & No Strings Attached – Two sides of the same actress

Well, this review is a bit overdue, but since I have told myself to write something for each movie I have watched in cinema, so this is it 🙂

Recently, we have watched 2 movies starred by the same actress: Natalie Portman. By now, you should have known that she has won an Oscar, and that was for her role in one of the two movies that I am talking about: Black Swan. Having watched the movie, and awed by her performance, I can say that she really deserves it. She was simply brilliant.

In Black Swan, Natalie was a young ballerina who was cast into the coveted role of the swan queen in the famous Swan Lake makeover. She had a hard time taking grip of that, and even a harder time preparing herself for the role. It was a double role that required her to act as both the white swan and the black swan, and it was the black swan that gave her all the troubles.

Being very disciplined, hardworking and careful in whatever she did, she had no problem playing the white swan. Her skill was perfect and her steps were well calculated, but what she lacked was the daredevil and the dark side of the black swan.

The large part of the movie was her struggle to fit into the dark half of the role, and how it changed her, totally but gradually. It was amazing to see how she immersed herself in the part, and how it changed her, brought out the dark side in her, and how she released her darkness to fit into the role she would be playing.

The movie brought us from one surprise to another, and we went so deep into it that we sometimes were as confused as the character about the events that happened around her. We also questioned whether they were real, and her horror and fear became ours.

Natalie’s acting skill was simply superb. She led us together into the journey deep into her deepest fears and most secret emotions. Her facial expressions said all what she wanted to say, and her ballet moves were really beautiful. She must have practiced a lot for this role, and now I understand why she fell for her choreographer after that. They must have worked hard together for a really long time.

There were some hot scenes in this movie, but they did not make the movie become cheap. They were there not to attract viewers, but to help develop the story.

The movie ended triumphantly, but abruptly and in such a surprising manner that when we saw the credit rolls, we suddenly felt empty. It was so abrupt ending, yet it was so perfect, and ended at the climax when everything fell together and the complete picture unfolded. This kind of ending, right at the climax, made us want for more, to see more. Not a nice, well rounded ending, yet it was perfect. Simply outstanding.

Shortly after this heavy movie, we saw Natalie in a romantic comedy. Yes, a romantic comedy. I know that sounds weird, and I was surprised to know that she was starring in a comedy, but after watching it, I knew that for such a talented and versatile actress, she could star in whatever genre and still nail it. We have seen the like of Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro and Paul Newman in comedic roles, and they were still great. Same for Natalie.

Apart from Natalie’s stellar performance, there was not much to say about this movie. It was fun to watch, relaxing and did not weigh your brain down too much. It was ideal for a Friday night, and it was quite predictable.

As with all comedies, there was a male lead, and it was Ashton. He starred opposite Natalie, playing the other part of a not so normal couple. It was not so normal because they come together just because of sex and simply to satisfy each other’ sexual desires. Enough said.

The guy was heartbroken, and the girl had a phobia for any type of serious relationship, so after they accidentally met and had sex by chance, they decided that sex was all that they needed from each other at that time, and agreed to become sex friends, so that they could be satisfied without any burden of having to care for a serious relationship.

That could be shocking at first, but come to think of it, that is quite common nowadays, especially among the young. People are living more for themselves, and thinking more about today than tomorrow.That is one of the reason why premarital sex is so common nowadays.

By making a movie for the young, and touching on such a sensitive topic, the subtle message that the producer wants to bring across is that: There may be different ways in which a relationship is started, but in order for it to last, there is only one way, and that is real, true love. Otherwise, it can’t prevail. Simple, even a bit trivial, yet it’s often forgotten. When couples watch this movie, there may be some bells ringing gently in their minds, which may provoke them to look again into their relationships, and that is the whole purpose of this movie.

The movie was simple but sweet, and Natalie was really beautiful. She smiled more, was more lively, and she looked really happy. She did not have to do too much, and it seems like she was not acting at all. It was so natural, and so real. That could only be found in great stars and strong and complex personalities.

Although the movie was about sex, there were in fact not many sex scenes in this movie, and there were all quite short. Moreover, Natalie was not really totally nude in any of those scenes. Therefore, those who flock to the cinema just to hope for a glimpse at her naked body will be disappointed. She did not even come close to what Anne did in Love and Other Drugs, even though there were some hot scenes between her and Ashton in this movie. Anyway, I am fine with it, and we had a nice, lovely evening watching this lighthearted flick together.


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