Thor – A nice and entertaining movie

You may have read, or heard from somewhere, that this movie sucks and lousy, and there is nothing original in it. Well, those comments must have come from the critics, and I bet they have watched so many movies that they have almost lost their love for watching movies as a normal audience. Trust me, this movie is fun to watch, and worth your time and money, so go ahead and watch it, and have fun as I had fun watching it myself. 🙂

The movie is about Thor, a powerful God and soon to be king of Asgard, a world far away from our world. He was strong, almighty, but proud and arrogant. He craved for justice, but as he was proud, he always thought that he was right, and considered himself correct, so he did not listen to anyone at all, not until an incident happened that changed his life, and many others, forever.

While Thor was proud but righteous, his younger brother, Loki, was more introvert, but also more scheming and calculative. Being the weaker child, he did not get as much attention from their father, King Odin, as his brother, and therefore had to keep making plans to get his father’s favor, at the expense of his own brother. His chance finally came when his brother made a grave mistake, and had to pay for it at a very high price, but having the chance and being able to make good use of it are two very different things.

Thor might be arrogant and proud, but he was not a loner. He had a group of very close childhood friend, who have gone through wars and battles with him, who he could trust with his life, and who were willing to risk their own lives for his. When hard times came, those friendships were proven priceless, and those friends helped him get back, to his world and to his mission, of course as a changed man.

Odin, Thor and Loki’s father, was the mighty but just and righteous king of Asgard. He was powerful, but he did not abuse his power. He used his power to keep the peace between worlds, and stood against the Frost Giants to protect mankind. However, he still strived to make peace with his enemy, for a greater good, and tried his best to protect that fragile peace treaty. It took a lot of courage and patience for him to do it, and he expected the same from his son and future successor, so when his son disappointed him, he had no choice but to bite the bullet, strip him from his power, and send him to Earth as a normal man, so that he could learn his lesson and control his temper so that he could use his power properly.

The painful decision appeared to work, Thor had a chance to open his eyes, his mind, and change totally. He not only found himself, but also found something new called love, which he had never noticed before. He was brought to the bottom, and he rose up from the abyss and earn back his power, just in time to save the day and prevent his younger brother to throw the worlds into a new world.

Chris Hemsworth was a relatively new face, and this was his first major leading role. To tell the truth, he was not bad at all. He had beautiful piercing blue eyes, which helped him a lot in expressing his character’s emotions. He was really handsome, which was a crucial factor for newcomers in Hollywood nowadays. Moreover, he had a wonderful form figure, which allowed him to showcase his muscles confidently whenever and wherever possible.

Thor’s brother, Loki, was played by Tom Hiddleston, a new face as well. He really shone in this movie. He looked mean and he acted mean. He was charismatic, and versatile, but I doubt we will see him in a good man’s role, as his face seems to be more suitable for playing the bad guy’s role.

Although Natalie Portman was the leading actress, she did not have much screen time, as this was basically the movie about Thor and his people. She was outstanding, as always, but I still feel that she did not have enough time to showcase her brilliant acting skill. This role could be played by a lot of other, less talented actresses, so I believe her casting is simply for publicity purpose only, not for professional reasons.

The movie’s CGI was quite good. I did not watch the 3D version, so I am not sure how it looked like in 3D, but it was quite nice in 2D. The battle scenes were sophisticated, and the effects were magnificent. The Frost Giants looked really scary and menacing, although I found them similar to some ogres and monsters in Lord of the Rings. Maybe they renewed the prototypes to save time and money, maybe not. Anyway, those are just extras, and as long as they looked their part, I’m fine with it.

The movie had a happy ending, although not totally well rounded. Thor had to make a difficult decision, and he decided to forgo his promise to the girl he loved, for a greater good. He finally found his footing, and proved himself worthy to be king of Asgard. His mind was in Asgard, but his heart was left on Earth, where the girl was waiting for him, and trying her very best to find the way for him to come back to her again.

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