Transformers: Dark of The Moon

First, let me go straight to the point: Transformers 3 is better than T2, but worse than T1. So far, T1 is the best, and most original movie. Another thing is that you will see more photos in this post than my previous posts. The reason is that I have less to say, so I make it up with photos, which speak thousands of words on my behalf šŸ™‚

Transformers 3 continues the story laid in T1 and T2, with the Autobots continuing to stay on Earth as cars to protect their new home against the imminent thread from the Decepticons. The leader is, of course, Optimus Prime, and the rest of the robots are still around for your viewing pleasure. Megatron, although wounded, is still alive and kicking, and with his depleted resources and followers, he started looking for more Decepticons to help him continue the fight with his archenemy.

Bumblebee, the star sidekick of the previous movies, returned in the third installment, but his role become less defined and he faded into the background most up the time until the final moments when he returned to save the day. If I were Michael Bay, I would feature him more, ’cause he was funny and entertaining and his association with Sam made the first movie the best among the three. Come on, all the boys want such a cool car who can double up and their friend and protector, not just a yellow robot who keeps shooting and kicking metallic asses.

Optimus Prime was still the leader of the defensive line, but this time, he almost lost the most strategic battle. He made a wrong decision, and fell into the trap of Megatron. Fortunately, he still had a chance to redeem himself and his reputation, and at the same time saving the Earth from Decepticon’s enslavement. However, in this movie, he seemed to be more vulnerable, and more or less lost his mighty power. In fact, he needed a bit of luck to survive and win the final battle (of course he won, you don’t need to be a psychic to predict that).

There were more fighting scenes, and the fights happened right in the heart of USA. It was quite touching to see the iconic buildings of New York City falling down and being torn to pieces, squeezed by the universal power of the alien forces. There were more robots, more explosions, which was supposed to be a plus point. However, too much of a good thing will turn out not so good, and too many machines ended up making me quite confused, especially when they looked the same or quite similar.

With more robots in focus, it is understandable that the human presence has become lesser and lesser. In this movie, they not only appeared less, but their importance was also subdued. The main battle was between machines, not machines vs human. Of course, human, with their “heavy” artillery, could still cause some harm to robots, but that was very little compared to the level of casualty they suffered. If the trend is not reversed in the next movie (of course, if they intend to make the next one), I am afraid the movie will becomeĀ soulless and empty, and no talented actor will want to join it, knowing that their roles will leave no impact and soon be forgotten.

In the first 2 movies, Sam was a real hero, who fought bravely alongside the Autobots to save the world. This time, he did not. He came back to theĀ epicenterĀ of the battle, just to find and save his girlfriend, and in the process, somehow found out what to do to save the world. Moreover, this time, he was not the one who made the final move to save it. Of course, like the first two movies, he was running around and hiding from bullets most of the time, but the amount of time he appeared on screen was also lesser.

However, that was not the biggest disaster in this movie. Not yet. I have not mentioned the replacement of Megan Fox by Rosie Huntington-Whitely. I never say that Megan Fox is a great actress, but what I saw about Rosie made me want to see her back more than ever.

Rosie was really in the wrong place at the wrong time. While the robots were busy fighting or preparing for a fight…

… She was busy hugging his boyfriend…

…or getting intimate with him in bed (don’t worry, there is nothing further than that, so the movie is still safe for children)…

…or showing off his beautiful Victoria’s Secret quality body…

Seriously, I don’t really know whether she has acting chop or not, as most of the time she just had to walk around in short skirts to show off her super long legs or pose with latest Mercedes models like race queens.

Her relationship with Sam was quite rocky, just because she could not accept that fact that her boyfriend was a hero who was destined to save the world, and broke up with him just to fall into the arms of another man a few minutes later. How mean and materialistic is that. At least Megan’s character was braver and more adventurous, and accepted Sam for what he was and how he was. Or maybe the producers really wanted to portray a generation of material American girls who only opted for surface value and followed guys with luxury and flashy cars.

Poor bunny. It did no harm to deserve such brutal treatment. :-S

I don’t deny that she is very beautiful and charming and sexy and attractive, but it really takes more than that to succeed as a real actress.

Rosie’s face was emotionless most of the time and her role was really minor. Megan was criticized a lot for her role in the previous movies, but at least she left some traces and she looked more emotional and charismatic on screen.




One thought on “Transformers: Dark of The Moon

  1. Agreed with ur comments; overall, Megan was more successful on this role; althu Sam’s Gfrnd in the entire sequel sounds cosmetic and lame. The writer did not put serious effort giving her a REAL role in the plot; instead she was simply portrayed according to the classic male mentality, that the hero needs a female; so here she is; he drags her behind him left and right in the crossfire.


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