Johnny English Reborn, finally, luckily

It’s a really long wait, and it’s quite worth it.
Johnny English has finally come back after a very long exile, figuratively and literally. He was still fun to watch, silly but funny, and gave us a great entertaining night out.

The story continued five years after the first movie, with Johnny going on exile after a major scandal that resulted in the assassination of the newly elected president of Mozambique, the guy he had been tasked to protect. He was accused of being negligent, stripped off all honor and positions, and supposedly forced to retire young. However, five years later, an opportunity came for him to redeem himself and get back whatever he had lost, and he’d better make full use of it before the time ran out on him.

However, that was not his only issue. Time has changed and MI7 has changed a lot since the time he left. He was faced with suspicion, a new and hostile boss, and concern about his ability. He had to clear all those suspicions and prove that he was still a top field agent.

Johnny was still the same man, silly and clumsy. Thank God he was, cause every time he did something clumsy, we had unquenchable laughter. In fact, by the end of the movie, we almost burst into tears laughing about his clumsiness. I myself prefer her performance here to Mr. Bean. Maybe I am still not yet immune to Mr. Bean’s twisted sense of cleanliness.

The task was big and complex, and Johnny more than once was very close to messing it up, but fortunately it ended well. Besides, he was lucky to receive some really timely help. He was not a lone ranger, and his colleague cum side kick cum apprentice, who had been tasked to accompany him to make sure he did not make another blunder, more than once became the hero of the day, helping him redeem himself, fighting the bad guys and preventing the real disaster from happening. That young actor deserves a pat on his back. He is funny too, and quite interesting to watch. I cannot recall seeing him before, but I believe we will see him more often soon 🙂

Besides, Johnny also received help from a scientist working for MI7. She was his fan, and his colleague, and her scientific study really helped him not only solve the puzzle at hand but also helped him lift the burden and guilt of Mozambique off his back so that he could live happily again without being haunted by his past. It’s was some kind of CSI, which was contemporary, in fashion and cool, and that made the movie more exciting to watch. And of course, she was a fan, and an attractive young woman, so there was a lot of rooms for romance. Although that makes the movie a bit similar to James Bond, I must agree that spy and romance go quite well together, making the movie softer and giving nice breaks to unending series of actions which might sometimes tire us all.

Overall, it was a good movie to watch. It was awkwardly fun and entertaining , and it gave us plenty of chances to laugh our hearts out. Plus, it had a happy ending, so what else can we ask for. I say it’s good return for our ticket money 🙂

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One thought on “Johnny English Reborn, finally, luckily

  1. I don’t see much humor in Atkins work in total. However; it all sounds as part of slump in quality in every aspect of modern life. Compare Mr. bean to silent comedy of Charlie Chaplin or to talking comedies like laurel and hardy; he fails on both in spite of all the technology he has in hand. The jokes are not so funny…he makes u smile at the most…as I said; quality is slumping on all aspects; comdey is not an exception.


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