The Girl with the dragon tattoo – A movie that makes you want to go back to the book

It has been quite a while since we last saw a movie so good that we dropped by the book store after that to check out the book from which it was adapted. This movie is one of them. In fact, we even hunted for another version of it, to watch, compare and appreciate. And after watching both, we agreed that this version was better than the original adaption. It was edgier, darker and more emotional. Love it.

The movie traced the story of an investigation into a suspected murder case 40 years ago that was never confirmed or resolved. A renown investigation journalist teamed up with a freelance inspector to solve the case, staking his whole career on it, as the result of the case would either save him from his impending jail term, or make him sink further and shatter his whole career totally. The mysterious girl, on the other hand, joined the team for money and out of curiosity, about the mystery and about her teammate. The case was challenging as the traces had been cold after 40 years, and even more because the more they unearthed, the more dark secrets started surfacing, and it became much much bigger than a missing girl and a family conflict only. Moreover, the deeper they dug, the more dangers ensued and the higher the odds were staking against them.

The movie was thrilling and chilling till the end, as the story unfolded gradually, and the plot was nowhere near unpredictable. Of course, credits must be given to the writer, but the editors also did a good job adapting and making it a seamless flow. There have been too many bad adaptions of marvelous book so far (Eat, Pray, Love perhaps)

It was no surprise for me that Josie got nominated for an Oscar. She was much better than the girl in the Swedish version. She was stronger, more mysterious,more cruel, darker but also more real. She successfully portrayed the type of wicked girl who was determined, into the job, but still lived so wildly and natively I sometimes had a feeling she was more an animal with a smart brain who always followed her instincts and gut feeling, in life and in work, than a contemporary girl of the 21st century. She stood out of the crowd, yet fitted in perfectly. She was a computer genius. She was so rebellious, yet so loyal once you can win their trust. She could be a menace, but also a wonderful friend who would do everything for you if you need help. She might not be a good wife, but she surely is a great lover who loves and lives wildly, and if you are the lucky guy, be prepared, mentally and physically, for continuous sex, of course.

Starring opposite Josie is Daniel Craig. A smart choice. He did not talk much, but he was calm and composed, and he had the perfect look and composure of an inspector. He was not too old and haggard, like the Swedish guy, and his facial expressions were not too stiff. Of course, he was not the star of this movie, but he also contributed his part to making it a good film. Indeed.

The movie might not be a bigger Oscar winner, but it’s good enough to watch more than once. There’s quite a fair share of sex, but they are not the main focus of the movie, just an ingredient to make it more interesting.

Looking forward to the full DVD version or director’s cut to come out, so that we can watch it and enjoy it again.

By the way, Josie is actually a very pretty girl, so kudos to the makeup team for transforming her and making her look so ugly. Hahaha.

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