The Blacklist Season 1 – An interesting crime series


It has been a long long time since we last watched a series, let alone a crime series.

Crime series has never been our favourite, no thanks to the kind of logic and content of those like NCIS and CSI. They have become less smart and witty, and more routine and repetitive to the point of predictable.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon The Blacklist accidentally, and got hooked by it immediately. The theme was different, the storyline was creative, and there were a lot of wits and twists and turns along the way. No wonder it received one of the highest rating among the current series, and therefore, the approval to go pass the market trial phase to the full fledge production.


In short, the story was about Raymond Reddington, a most wanted criminal surrendering himself to FBI and promising to lead FBI agents to a list of most dangerous criminals in his own collected Blacklist. Each episode unearthed one name in the list, but the overall motive was still unclear, and there were a lot of questions awaiting answers, especially on the reason behind his surrender and the coincidence between that and the life of Elizabeth Keen, a new agent who had just joined the FBI on the same day as Raymond’s surrender.


With each episode, the mystery evolved, and we were trapped in the grand scheme of the story and got more and more intrigued by the need to find out the real reason behind Raymond’s decision, and that was what kept us continue getting glued to the screen, one episode after another.


Too bad the trial phase has passed, which means we will need to wait for a while to watch the second part of season 1. In the mean time, we will be busying ourselves with Christmas preparation and celebration, which makes time pass by quite fast and eventful actually šŸ™‚


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