X-Men Days of Future Past – A movie worth watching




Yes, in short, this movie is really worth watching. It was a nice continuation of the fresh X-men First Class. Perhaps, it’s even better, due to the 2 reasons: First, you can see Wolverine again, and second, there is a double shot of X-men elements: The future and the past.



Yes, you heard me right. You paid for one ticket, and you are treated to double the number of X-men characters, in a seamless and smooth flow of events and story line. And the link between the future and the past is none other than Mr. Wolverine himself. After his absences from the last X-men movie, he is featured prominently again, and for a good reason, really. He’s cool, he’s a fan favourite, he’s a magnet, with or without metal claws, and he is the perfect candidate to link the past with the future.



Another main star of this movie is Mystique, or also known as Raven. We saw the villainous Mystique, and we saw the sweet little Raven, but only until this time we had a rare glimpse into her fade into the dark side, and understood more about her and the reason why she changed. Now I know why she held such hatred towards human. She is a strong willed girl, and she was hardened by the demise of her friends. She was out of revenge, and what a revenge she inflicted. Fantastic character indeed. She deserves her own spin off movie, like Wolverine and Captain America.




Another reason why the movie is great for me is the introduction of new characters. Even though they are just side dishes, they help make the meal more complete and awesome, adding more flavours and help brighten up the stars. Blink is cool with the telepathic skill, and it’s fun to watch the Iceman and the Colossus. Of course, it’s painful to watch them die, a few times even, under the brutal hands of the Sentinels, but it’s quite fortunate that it is just temporary, and everything pans out nicely in the end.




Another attraction of the movie is that it focuses on building a solid story line to appeal to various types of audience, instead of just focusing on the young audience like the Amazing Spiderman. There is enough room for thought, and the story is thick enough with sufficient twists to keep the audience tied up and guessing until the end. As with other movies that deal with the concept of time travel, there are some inconsistencies and confusions here and there, but overall the movie is quite clear cut and the flow is quite structured. That may be the reason why it has scored quite high in IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.



Perhaps the most interesting part of the movie is the introduction of QuickSilver, the guy with the amazing supersonic speed. He is fast, very fast, extremely fast, but he is not only fast. He is also cool and cute and fun to watch. He only appeared in a short part of the film, yet he managed to capture everyone’s attention and be the star of the film. Hopefully he will feature more prominently in the next movie, X-men Apocalypse.



Overall, it’s one of the highlights of this year’s movies. A blockbuster with stories and souls, not just a bunch of explosions and CGI put together.




Last note before the spreads of photos as usual. Eric or Magneto, is really a badass who simply cannot be changed. He is ruthless, he is brutal, he is full of his own self and he is willing to go all the way to do things his way, at the expense of whoever and whatever stands in his way. Fortunately, once again, Xavier was there to save the day and prevent his old friend from making irreversible damage to both mutants and humans and push the situation way past the point of no return. When Eric joined his old friend to stop Mystique from the action that would result in the demise of mutants, I even had a glimmer of hope that he had changed, but sadly it did not happen. It was just a brief collaboration and it did not really go anywhere. Now I really don’t know how they could go back and fight together in the future after so much differences and mismatches between their paths. Maybe it will be answered in future X-men movies. Or maybe not. Let’s wait and see.


Now, just in case you want to purchase the past X-men movies, click on the photos below:



Again, as usual, a spread of photos to whet your appetite









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