Fast & Furious 7 – A nice farewell gift to Paul Walker’s fans

One thing for sure, this will be the last Fast and Furious movie starring Paula Walker, who passed away recently in a tragic car accident. And while we still mourn his death, at least we have a proper venue to say farewell to him, and to see him once again at his best, doing what he does best, see his charming smile and remember him as one of the most charming actor we have nowadays.

The movie reunites all the favourite characters that we have come to love in the series, and pitches them against one of the most dangerous villains we have encountered in the Fast and Furious universe, creating an ultimate showdown. The bad guy, starred by none other than deadly looking Jason Statham, managed to kill one of the good guys, and almost put a few more in the graves. Good job, Jason, although we always know that the good will prevail. Well, this is still a Hollywood movie, so what else do you expect? 🙂

I have to admit that I have not watched all the FF movies, but that did not deter me from enjoying this instalment. I only got lots once or twice, and I could quickly catch up, so if you are in similar situation as me, don’t worry, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. The plot was thick with actions, and the car chases were awsome. This must be the first time we see stunts like cars flying out of buildings or parachuting from military carriers. It’s like Mission Impossible, but with cars instead of Tom Cruise.

The highlight, and also the thing that troubles me most, is the chemistry, friendship, bond and brotherhood between Paul and Vin in the film. They compensated each other perfectly. Paul was sweet, charming, good natured while Vin had a rugged coolness, warm heart and unyielding spirit. It must have been devastating for Vin to know about Paul’s death, and there will always be a missing gap in our hearts, no matter whether there will be future FF movies and who will be cast to accompany Vin. It’s the same feeling we will have when we see future Joker in the next Batman movies. We will be missig Heath, and we will miss Paul, too.

Another thing I feel appreciated is the happy, well rounded ending that the director gave the movie. Thank God, he did not let Paul die in the end as per the rumors before the film was out. Let him rest in peace, it has been already too painful to have him die in real life, no need to relive the horror once again, especially in the movie that made his name. And I love the tributes they added at the end of the film. It was simple but touching, and showing Paul’s charming smile through the years is really a good way to remember him.

Back to the movie, the main ingredient that makes up the success of Fast and Furious is, as the movie name aptly suggest, the fast and furious car actions. The latest instalment is no difference. The way they drive their cars put normal drivers like us to shame. No fumbling on the pedals or the gear box, just drive and surge forward with unstoppable speed and strength, and do all sorts of stuff while still cruising at top speed. It looks like their brainwaves are linked to the car controls, and they can simply make a turn just by thinking about that. Enough said.

It was shocking to see Paul and Vin fly, or glide, from building to building in their cars at top speed. The screenwriters should have thought of this stunt much much earlier. It’s a winner, hands down. And a sure win way to destroy a car in the most magnificent way ever.

Michelle is back again, and after Paul and Vin, she is the most frequently appeared character in the whole series. This time, she has more screen time, with a more central role to the story, and a long cat fight that is noisy, messy and sexy at the same time. And even though she has told the whole world that she is a lesbian, men will still have a hard on seeing her sexy body rolling around on the floor, throwing punches and kicks in the movie.

The techie nerd has always been an integral part of any action movie, and this one is no difference. Just that here, we have not just 1, but 2. Here comes the main techie guy, who has given up his big hair for something neat, simple and practical, but still cool and trendy. He did not do much, but his part was crucial in the main plot of the whole story.

And here come the second techie, well, she is not so nerdy after all. And I believe the main guy has no problem sharing his screen time with her. Well, how many time have you seen a a sexy techie girl wearing low cut, body hugging dress running to the rescue of your PC problem?

Paul’s wife is back, and even though her role was quite minor this time, she was the reason the guys were fighting their asses off, to protect her and her son, and make sure that they have a safer, better life. After all, family is all that matters, and fighting for your family is the best cause you can find.

As I mentioned earlier, Jason is back, and with a vengeance. The ex-agent character he played was full of revenge, and relentless in his pursuit, with the only goal in mind to eliminate all the riders, one by one. He was really in on it, and he miraculously appeared wherever the good guys came, to crash the party and make a mess out of everything with his big guns, big cars and big ego. Cool, Jason. People will hate you, but that is all about bad characters, right?

The final screen, where the long time friends part way, each following own path and destiny. It’s a touching moment, and a nice way to end the film gracefully.

Those peaceful moments with his wife and kid will etch into our memories for a long, long time. In real life, Paul had a daughter, and although her experience of losing him so suddenly must have been devastating, I hope she find solace watching these screens and recalling her memory of him as a father and a family man. My heart goes out to you, Meadow, and may God bless you and heal your soul and ease your pain.


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