The Blacklist Season 3 – Eli Matchett

Photo from the episode "Eli Matchett"
Photo from the episode “Eli Matchett” – NBC

The Blacklist is back with another solid episode. It’s good to see Red and Liz on the offence again, as they continued pursuing the path to clear her name and bring down the shady Cabal.

Photo from the episode "The Troll Farmer"
Photo from the episode “The Troll Farmer” – NBC

This may be the turning point in the thrilling cat and mouse game, as everyone is chasing everyone else in circles. The Cabal is trying to find Red, and Red is trying to bring them down, and the FBI is standing in the middle, still hot on the heels of Red and Liz but also upholding the laws and locking up the Cabal’s members along the way. It’s interesting to see how it plays out, as each move now has the potential to make or break everything.


Red and Liz are in an extremely challenging situation now. They have the whole FBI machinery behind them, and their purpose of bringing down the Cabal is now clear which makes them more predictable. In the last episodes, Ressler has almost managed to capture them a few times. Will he succeed in his quest before Red succeed in his? Or will the Cabal be able to find and eliminate Red and Liz before they can wreak more havoc on them. Time will tell. For now, let’s just sit back, relax and enjoy the game 🙂

For the upcoming episode, it seems that Red had to dip his hand into his underworld pocket once again to enlist some help on his side. Now that Dembe is missing, and his network of associates is being seriously threatened, maybe some outside help will be useful in breaking the deadlock. After all, it’s good to have a fairy godmother who can help make your wish come true, no matter how dark it is. At a price, of course, but for Red, that never seems to be a problem.

Photo from the episode "The Djinn"
Photo from the episode “The Djinn” – NBC
Photo from the episode "The Djinn"
Photo from the episode “The Djinn” – NBC
Photo from the episode "The Djinn"
Photo from the episode “The Djinn” – NBC

It will be interesting to see why Aram came into the picture and how they made contact. After all, I have a good feeling about him and I don’t think he will do anything bad for his ex-colleague. And don’t forget, we still have Navabi, someone that seems to be Red’s insider, within the task force. After all, it’s Red who introduced her to the task force anyway, to replace the ill fated agent murdered in cold blood some time ago.

Photo from the episode "The Djinn"
Photo from the episode “The Djinn” – NBC

What were they seeing that might cause them such a huge shock? Red has seen it all, and it will take some scene to make him really surprised like that.


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