Mamma Mia musical – Good music for a good night


Mamma Mia, arguably the most popular song by ABBA, has been explored in many different ways. It appeared in CD, video clips, turned into musical, and made into movie. Despite the various forms, the catchy tune still manages to capture the heart of generations of music lovers. Therefore, it would be a pity to miss the musical when it came to Singapore.

MAMMA MIA! Singapore Media Call
SINGAPORE – NOVEMBER 13: (L-R) Cast members, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Sara Poyzer and Sue Devaney of the broadway musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ perform on stage during the media call at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands on November 13, 2014 in Singapore. The award winning musical, ‘Mamma Mia!’ inspired by the classic songs of ABBA is set to run from 13 November 2014 till 14 December 2014 (Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images)

Ticket booked and we showed up on the night of the event. It was not the first time we saw an ABBA related show live on stage. A few years ago, there was an ABBA inspired band in town, with a show called ABBA Mania. And even though the singers, who dressed like the original band, fell short when it came to the song delivery, we really had a good night, full of music and fun, with energy flowing freely and audience happily came dressing up either retro style or ABBA style, some even with props and accessories. We expected at least the same energy in this show, and fortunately we were not disappointed.

Mamma Mia NY
Mamma Mia NY

Before this show, we also watched the move Mamma Mia, starred Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan and a bunch of other fairly well known actors. Artistically, it was not bad, especially given that the actors were not really professional singers. It was fun to watch, and the scenes were beautiful. Those piercing blue houses on the background of the deep blue sea are surely something to behold and to edge into memory.


With all those prior experience and exposure, we had quite a bit of background on the world of ABBA and Mamma Mia. Fortunately, that did not prevent us form enjoying this musical a great deal, and had a good night out.

Mamma Mia Tour
MAMMA MIA! North American Tour 2010Pictured: North American Tour Cast© Joan Marcus 2010

What struck me first when we walked into the theatre is the simplistic setting. There is just one big white Greek house with blue doors and windows. But that is enough. It’s very typical Greek, it screams out style in Greek letters. And it gives more space for the songs and the performers to shine.


For the main cast, although the girl who played Sophie was a bit on the chubby side, and not very tall, she was bubbly, cute and really lovely. She had a sweet voice, and enough strength on the high notes to make the ABBA’s music fly. And since we even can go with Amanda’s film version, this girl is not bad at all.


The Dynamos was a blast. They really looked how ABBA should be. The three voices matched well together, and they delivered every song with great power and enthusiasm. I have always been fan of Donna’s songs, even though Sophie is supposed to be the main star of the show 🙂 Well, if we count by the minute, they may be head to head in terms of appearance 😛


The costume was paid well attention to really mimic the style of the time. It would be a shame to dress them otherwise.


Now, to the guys. I did not really like any of them. Their English accents were too strong for my taste, and there were times when I could barely make out the words of the lyrics, even though I have been quite familiar with the songs. A Broadway cast may be better, but that’s all we had, so what’s the point of complaining 🙂 Just skip the not so pleasant parts and enjoy the rest of the performance though.


Overall, a good performance and a good way of spending a relaxing weekend. Definitely not top notch or the like of Phantom of the Opera, but absolutely not bad and in no way a waste of money. The songs are catchy, the performance more than passable and sufficient attention to the theme, decoration, set and costume. What else should be we expecting for?

MAMMA MIA! International Tour
MAMMA MIA! International Tour

One interesting fact, the singers who played Donna and Sam were actually a couple.





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