The Blacklist season 3 is back

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “Mr. Solomon”

Yes, finally it’s back. After a quite long hiatus, the crime series is coming back onscreen again. It  may be due to the fact that the lead actress, Megan Boone, has just given birth to her baby girl, and needs to take some time off work, or just simply due to the fact that the production cannot keep up with the schedule. Whatever, it’s does not really matter. What matters is it’s finally back, and the stakes seem to get higher, now that Liz has crossed path with the Cabal, and become their prime target.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Vehm”

The last few episodes since the downfall of the Director are devoted to building up the momentum for the grand royal battle that will come between Team Red and Team Cabal. Liz has been cleared, the Director is dead, blood has been spilled and the wheels have been put into motion. It’s just the matter of time before the Cabal strikes back to make up for the loss that Red inflicted on them. Red knew that too well, so he made use of all the time he had to prepare for the final showdown, so that he can keep his protecting Liz, even if the price is his own life. And now, with the mystical whereabout of Liz’s Mum, everything is getting more and more entwined, interesting and unpredictable.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “Mr. Gregory Devry”

Back to the upcoming episode, which will be aired in a few hours, it may be the first strike back from the Cabal after recovering from the shock of the Director’s demise. Mr. Solomon, who got released for some reasons, is determined to crash Liz’s wedding. Will it be another red wedding like the one we saw in Games of Throne some time ago, or will Red’s team be there in time to save the day? Let’s wait and see.



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