Allegiant – A nice divergence from the book


First of all, credit must be given to the script writers for coming up with a gripping plot that can be followed easily even for those who have never read the book before. Besides, they should be given credit for diverging from the original book, which was less than perfect and considered quite underperforming by their fans and followers. They did not stay so close to the original, yet they created a logical script that was interesting, attention seeking, thrilling and nerve wracking from the beginning till the end, and for that I say, go ahead, be a divergent, make a difference to the world šŸ™‚



The movie’s pace is just right. There are actions throughout, guaranteed to keep viewers on their seats from start to end, and the thrill and excitement never stopped flowing. There were a number of surprises along the way, and the story unfolded somewhat unexpectedly. That is what is precisely needed in a good action movie, and Allegiant has it. Well done.



Similar to other series, in an effort to milk more money, the last installment of the book was split into 2 movies. While the previous attempts raised some questions, this one does not. It’s because it was not just an overstretched story to fit in 4 hours of screen time, the producers have put in efforts to add in some details to keep the plot full and engaging.


The same team that have brought succes to the previous movies has come back to wow us again, and their chemistry is still really good. The challenge this time is bigger, on a grander scale with more dangerous opponents, and that makes the ride even more thrilling. There were some conflicts, but in the end, the good still prevailed.


Tris was right, there was something beyond the wall, but they surely did not expect what they would be finding there. It was a totally different world, a much more advanced world with many secrets, and many dark stories waiting to be revealed.



Tris and Four went through fire together, and the scorching flame almost broke them apart, as Tris put her faith in the wrong guy. But luckily she turned back in time, recognised the bitter truth, and turned back in time, to save herself and her friends. The bond became stronger than ever, and the friends, the comrades banded together to defend their home against those who assumed their superiority and their roles upon those lives.



Overall, a very good movie, and another nail on the career of Shailene and Theo. Theo, with his rugged manly handsomeness, is on track to be the next action star. For Shailene, it’s even better. She can do action gigs, and she also can do those drama jobs that will shed many tears, like what we saw in The Fault in Our Stars. Who knows, she may be the next Natalie Portman.


Well done guys. And see you one more time next year.




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