Finally it’s back – The Blacklist Season 4

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “Esteban”

Yes, finally it’s back. After a long wait nonetheless. And after a suspenseful, thrilling end of season 3. There were too many unanswered questions, and hopefully this season will answer at least some of them.

So far, the first 2 episodes of the new season have been quite something to look forward to. The first one was really thrilling, with a breathtaking cat and mouse game between Red and Kirk. There were 2 main targets, which made things even more complicated, since it stretched resources on both sides, especially since everything happened in Cuba, where Red did not have many associates. Despite that, he still fared well and came really close on both counts. In fact, he was almost successful, if not for the last minute surprise that threw the game wide open once again.

Alexander Kirk has proven himself as someone who you should not take lightly, and a worthy opponent to the well connected concierge of crimes. He has managed to avoid Red’s grasp a few time, and at least until now still very much at large. He knows Red well, which makes him even more dangerous, and he seems to know Liz very well a,so, which make him even more crucial in the grand picture of past, present and future. I am quite doubtful that he is reall Liz’s dad, but even if he is not, there is something hidden, something wrong around here. Still a missing piece of the puzzle somewhere, and it’s an important piece that will be a big revelation.

The second episode ended in another shock. Even though it was inevitable, I believe everyone who has been following the series would still hold some hope until the very end, that it would not happen that way. Sadly, what had to be done still had to be done, and there would be a gap, a missing space from now. Sad but true.

At least until now, team Red is still having some advantages, but Kirk will surely find a way to strike back, especially now that he is back to the US, with more resources at his disposal. Things will get intense and interesting soon. Let’s wait and see what the next episode will havein store for us.


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