Visit to Venice Islands – Further Ashore

Another visit to the islands of Venice. This time I went further ashore, purchasing a day pass that would allow me unlimited rides within 24 hours. That proved to be a smart move, since there were many stops and boat changes during the day.

My first stop was Burano, the furthest island from Venice mainland. It took almost 2 hours to reach, but it was really worth it. In total contrast to the old facade of Venice, Burano was very colorful. In fact, I was swallowed in a sea of colors, as each house was painted in a different shade, and they all chose very bright and catchy tones. Also, special attention must have been paid to ensure the adjacent houses are as contrasting to each other as possible, making the whole island look like a rainbow. It was really amazing. A very creative way to attract visitors, otherwise who would be willing to go to such length for something less impressive or can be found somewhere else?

From Burano to Torcello was just a short boat ride, but there was not much there at all. A more or less bare island, with just an old church as the main attraction point. A bit of a let down, but it was OK. Too bad the sun was going down (it was already winter so the sun set at 4pm), so I had to start departing for the mainland.

Compared to Torcello, Murano was a bit better. At least, the island was more well known as the capital of Venice glass blowing industry. You can see glass factories lining the streets in virtually the whole island. However, when I reached, it was already dark so most of them were closed. I took a walk around the island, but did not see anything as awestruck as as Burano. Of course, the glass products displayed were very beautiful, but they were either too expensive or too big or not much practical value, and many of them looked more like toys, but could not be bought as toys since they were just simply too fragile. In the end, I left the island with just a few pieces of glass candies as I found them really cute, and took the last boat ride back to the train station to get back home.

Not a bad day after all, and that should be enough for experiencing Venice as a normal tourist 😉

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