Eat to Live or Live To Eat


Overheard 2 guys talking in the train last night on the way home

“You should eat in order to survive…”

Suddenly thinking. Should we eat our meals every day just to survive, to get in enough nutritions into our bodies for a proper functioning of the organs?

Or should we enjoy our food and get the most out of every meal, not just a bunch of chemical compounds?


In this new economy, where everything is fast and everyone is busy, I believe many times we have rushed through our meals, just to finish them and get back to our work. I am also guilty as charged, gulping down the food and rushing back to office, without even remembering what I had just eaten or how it tasted like.

And, there is a thing called take-away food, where you even don’t sit down for a proper meal. You end up mostly sitting in front of your laptop and eating your meal while multi-tasking something else. Your food surely tastes like grass, or even worse, you don’t taste it at all. You eat it, but you don’t taste it. And is it a waste? Of time, of food, of a chance to enjoy what you do?


I believe that’s also a reason why people love taking photos of their food. But what’s the point of doing so, if what you finally have is just a lifeless photo, and not an enjoyable experience?

I should keep reminding myself, to live more in the moment, to be more mindful and enjoy my food, not just an expensive meal, but a cheap lunch at hawker centre, for it’s not just the price of the meal, but the time you spend on it. And time is precious, and very limited.


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