Happy Piggie New Year

For many Asians, the new year will only begin with the passing of the lunar calendar, and the period between the the Gregorian new year and the lunar new year is kind of a limbo state where we officially start the new year but our minds and hearts are still rooting for another passing a bit later, and the preparation and longing for that even exceeds that of the earlier one.

Now that the new year is finally upon us, let’s see what it will bring for all those Rats like me. Looking at the horoscope and planning for the new year has become a habit, a good luck activity and a harbinger of hope that I enjoy doing for the past couple of years, aiding in some ways by the so many big size readings displayed everywhere in the weeks leading to the Lunar New Year. So here they are:

There are some common themes for a Rat like me this coming new year.

1. Career wise, I should he striving for a boost in my career. It should be a time for a push forward, either in breadth (taking on a bigger project or a bigger role with more responsibility) or in depth (taking on a tough, challenging project that is new and hard but fun, potentially in a new domain or area of expertise)

2. Health wise, I should pay more attention this year. During the limbo period, I have taken the first step by signing myself up for the gym again after stopping it for so many years. Now is the time to utilize it and make sure I have a healthy dose of exercise on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Time to sweat and smile and repeat. A healthy mind needs a healthy body too. Maybe a few runs for this year as a bonus, why not? And of course, some mindful minutes every day to relax, balance, clear my mind and tune my thoughts so that I can think more clearly and be more aware of my body and soul.

3. Family wise, I should not let number 1 above supersede this, but continue striking a balance. Last year started on a bleak note with unbalanced schedule and lots of time not at home, and was getting better and more balanced going forward. I’d better keep that in consideration at all times, and plan each day such that there is always time for my family. It’s not easy, but it can be done. It’s just the matter of priorities and importance. And let’s spend more time on trips and travel and holidays this year, shall we? We had an amazing trip to Japan last year, so there is no reason to stop there.

4. Wealth wise, I should continue the momentum set last year, spending, saving and investing wisely. Last year I managed to ride on the tidal wave of the US market and made a handsome profit, but this year will be more difficult. Many analyses I have come across recently are quite bleak, so I should study more and think twice before putting my money into anything this time. Maybe I should take on a more conservative and balanced stance and reduce the risk, keep more emergency cash and only invest the amount that I can set aside for the medium to long term in order to ride out the market fluctuations this time. And also a more prudent and disciplined budgeting and spending, to utilise my income and put the money where it’s most benefiting (remember, spending is not bad, but there is bad spending where the money spent doesn’t end up giving you any ratification or improvement of your life).

Ok, let’s stop here. Quite a big challenge to psyche myself up for the year of Pig. And hopefully, with careful planning and diligent execution, the happy piggie will smile at me and I will enter my Rat year next year with a stronger standing than where I am right now.


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