The Five People You Met in Heaven (Part 2)


Finally I finished the book, and this is one of the books that I will be keeping in my collection. It’s full of useful lessons that I want to remember. The first lesson was about life and death, and strangers and the actions that we make every day, which I already mentioned in the last post. So, this time, I would like to write about the last 4 people It and 4 lessons of life.

  1. The lesson of sacrifice.

We all make sacrifices. Everyday is a compromise, between different priorities in our lives. Sacrifices are not meant to anger, they are meant to inspire. When you see someone making sacrifice for others, you also want to make your own sacrifices. It can be as small as sacrificing some of your own free time to be with the people who need you, or sacrificing some of your daily pleasure, like a cup of coffee, so that another person out there in this world can survive one more day. Each small act of selflessness can make a difference and change someone’s life forever. So, don’t skimp on sacrifices, especially if you can afford it or if it does not cost you too much personally.

2. The lesson of forgiveness.

Forgive others, and forgive yourself. The past is passed, let it go and move on. You cannot change it, but by forgiving, you can change the future. Don’t hold anger and hatred in your heart, it’s like a poison that will eat you up from inside. Once you can forgive someone for their past mistake or wrongdoing to you, you will feel the burden lifted from your heart and feel much lighter. So, forgive if you could, not only for them, but most of all, for you.

3. The lesson of love.

Love is everywhere, even if you cannot see or feel it. And it can be created as needed. Love can feel the void and expand to fill in the empty space in between. And if we love a person, even though he or she is no longer around, you can still feel the love and affection lingering, and that will help you overcome loneliness. It’s a bit cheesy, yes, I know. The message is simply that, love will still be there even if the person you love is no longer around, it just changes the appearance, from physical to spiritual.

4. The last lesson: Everyone has a place in the great circle of life

This lesson is kind of a combination of all the previous lessons, and presented with a surprising twist. Life is unpredictable, and we normally don’t really understand why things happen the way they happen, until time has passed and we look back to past events, with newfound understanding and perspective. Every action you do today has some future repercussion that you may never know, but somewhere somehow you are changing someone’s life. Every decision you make will kickstart a chain effect that may change history forever. Life and death are really entwined together, and a loss of life today may lead to many lives that will be saved down the road. But it’s hard to realise that when you have little information to process, and need to make so many decisions every day. So be careful, be responsible and be conscious with your actions. Make every decision with the best intention in mind. Be kind and willing to do good. And finally, have faith and trust that things will fall into place in the best way possible, by some amazing forces of nature that are beyond our realm of understanding. In another word, God will lead the way, and we just carry out His plan faithfully. Amen.


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