Another lockdown is looming soon in Singapore

Singapore is entering another partial lockdown due to the spike of local Covid-19 cases recently. It started with imported cases from high risk South Asian countries, then spilled over to the community. We all know that it will happen, it’s just the matter of time, but I did not expect the spillover happened so fast. No matter how much precautions we take, when we have a constant influx of people from those places with millions of cases, the virus would find a way to spread to the local community. And it did. So now we are going to enter a difficult time again.

It’s not easy to go through a lockdown period. Normal life will be upended for sure, and there will be major inconvenience. However, I feel this time will be better, since we have gone through it once, and we are better prepared, logistically and mentally. But I am still very grateful that we still have a job, and we have our own home to live, and we still have a way to move around, albeit far from freely, and everyone is still well (touch wood 🪵). This one shall pass, and if God helps us and the situation is brought under control, who knows maybe the measures can be relaxed sooner. Fingers crossed, and until then, we just have to hunker down, follow the regulations and keep our guards up to the highest level possible to protect ourselves and at the same time bring the whole nation back to the new normal again.


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