Eventful July

July was a special month for me.

First of all, I was certified to be Covid-19 fully vaccinated, after receiving my 2nd dose and a waiting period of 2 weeks for my immunity to build up. It’s not a 100% guarantee against getting Covid-19, but at least I have done my part in reducing the chance of infection, and with good practice of safe distancing, wearing mask and washing hands frequently, I believe that will be a great step forward in ensuring the safety for myself and my family, so I would proudly say, I am relief. And I strongly urge everyone to do the same, so that we can soon at least get back to some sense of normalcy, for our lives have been upended for too long and we have lost too many precious moments with our loved ones already.

My second important thing happening in July was the Pilot launch of Bullish exchange. For the first time ever, we kicked open our door, the door we had guarded very carefully and religiously, and welcome the world. We invited a selected group of investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts to come and get a first hand experience of our product, which we have dedicated countless hours to building out from scratch, our very brainchild which we are absolutely proud of. 

It was exciting and at the same time nerve wracking to see it making first public appearance. Like parents sending kids to school the first day. Thank God everything was quite smooth. There were some teething problems, but the core features worked fine. Our giant effort finally paid off.

Now it will be even busier time. There are still developments in the work, while at the same time we need to guard our child as he takes the first steps in this new world. There will be more interruptions and last minute actions to take. But we will pull through, that I have no doubt. We have a great team with hugely talented people, and we will do it. 

Go Boldly. Go Bullish. Go Live.


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