Happy 56th Birthday, Singapore

With one day left to National Day and #SG56, I am very happy to see the government making a brave move to start opening up the economy in a bid towards becoming Covid resilient, and accept the fact that it’s unrealistic and impossible to keep closing the country up in order to keep infection to zero. It’s even more encouraging that they even decided to move the opening timeline forward, not backward like what happened in past restrictions. That gives us some hope of a new normal that is really coming soon, and allows us to look forward to a better time ahead as we celebrate Singapore’s 56th birthday, in the most different way since the day we became independent.

Today is also the end of the Olympics #tokyo2020. Everyone has been holding breath and fearing the worst, of a major spreader event that brought us backwards in our fight against #covid19. Fortunately the worst scenario did not happen, and Japan managed to still organize the major event, albeit at great financial losses to the country that is still struggling to revive the idle economy and fighting the pandemic. We all must thank Japan and the Japanese for their great sacrifices. Like what was shown on the screen at the end of the closing ceremony, Arigato Tokyo. Arigato Japan. You have done the impossible. We take our hats off to you. And good luck for the fight, you will prevail, that I am sure.

Happy Birthday Singapore 🇸🇬 May you weather this storm and come back stronger. #economy #covid #singapore


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