Happy New Year 2022

So, 2021 has left and 2022 has come, and here is the customary new year post where I look back at the old year and look forward to the new year.

Let’s start with the old year first. While it seemed to be another lost year, and an extension of a disappointing year, in fact it was really a memorable year for us, which we managed to achieve quite a few big goals individually and as a family.

1. Covid-19 vaccination for the adults

While the pandemic still raged on, at least we had an additional weapon to fight against it: The vaccines. And even though many have doubted them, they have really helped improve the situation. And so once it was our turn, we quickly booked the slots, and to be honest, we felt much better and more assured to carry on with our lives once we were vaccinated. The only concern we had was that our kids were still not eligible and therefore we still had to limit our time out to reduce the risk of carrying back the virus to them.

P.S. Right at the doorstep of the new year, we got the booster shots and my elder kid had the first shot, so we are feeling much more relieved right now. Thank God the side effects were not severe for us, we only got a bit of headache, pain and tiredness, but nothing more serious and back to normal 2 days after the shots.

2. Passed driving test and got a car

Although I was not the brightest student when it came to driving, I was glad that I passed, on my 4th attempt (so embarrassing 🙈). We quickly got a car shortly after that, despite the fact that cars in Singapore cost an arm and a leg. Well, at least we started with an affordable used Vezel, and we have been making full use of it. In fact, I was very grateful that we got a car when we needed it the most, with the fear of public transport in the time of the pandemic and our increasing need to travel around in Singapore. After almost one year of driving, I cannot say I am perfect, but I believe I have improved quite a lot, and I start enjoying it more and more these days.

3. Staycation, staycation, staycation

We have never stayed in Singapore hotels so frequently before, but with the borders closing tight, that is the only option for family relaxation. And so we started exploring different hotels in this tiny island and what they have to offer, and I must say I was quite impressed and surprised by some of them, both in terms of the high level of service and the quality and variety of food and activities on offer. Now at least if the situation is still bad, we have something to fall back on, and we know exactly which one to book for our next block of leave clearance.

4. Competitions, Olympiads and GEP

Last year was a remarkable year for my son. He started P3, with exams and tests and grades starting to be captured in record book. And thank goodness he has been doing quite ok so far, even managed to get into the top 25% for his level. And he started getting exposed to more competitions outside of school. He participated with the Maths Olympiad, and even got 2 Bronze medals, which was totally unexpected for us. And he was sent to the Robotics competition, even managing to get into the final round. And the best news came at the end of the year, when he passed the GEP selection exams, without any preparation at all, sending us into a frenzy with all the procedures to select and switch school, and their cascading impact on logistics, housing, transportation and stuff. But it was a really pleasant surprise, and it would make 2022 and exciting year for us as a family. I am really proud of him, even though we seldom praised him, and most of the time scolded him for his carelessness, but he really surpassed all our expectations.

5. Crypto, blockchain and professional advancement

2021 was an exceptional year for crypto, with Bitcoin getting more mainstream, and the crypto market cap reaching all time high, with some specific assets booming in values. All the while, I have been a crypto skeptic, choosing to stand on the sideline and sticking to my traditional investments. However, since I worked for a crypto company, building the next level of crypto exchange, I had no choice but to get my feet wet and my hands dirty, in order to learn in greater depth about the technology and the industry as a whole, and so I opened my first crypto trading account. It has been an eye opener for me, and although I have not earned much, I would say I have learnt a lot and I am much more confident in discussing about the space, and that also help me compare and contrast, and gain a newfound respect of the amazing product that we have toiled over for almost 2 years. And our efforts have finally paid off. We are now live @ bullish.com And though the path ahead is still challenging, at least we have achieved what we set out to do, and we hang on till the end, not giving up or dropping off no matter how frustrating the journey has been.

And so, 5 points to wrap up an incredible year 2021. A toast for a job well done, and looking forward to a more amazing year ahead. Onwards and upwards, 2022!


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