Reflections and gratitude – 2022

There are a few things that I am grateful for as 2022 started winding down and 2023 is unfolding:

  1. We moved to a new house. After staying in our first home for more than 10 years, we finally base it farewell and moved to a new home. It was an upgrade, and nearer to our kids’ school. A big decision, and so far we have been enjoying the house totally.
  2. Life is back to normal, finally. After 2 years of Covid, we could see some lights at the end of the tunnel. Quarantine and travel restrictions were eased, and travelling was back again. We made our first trip home in 2 years, and also our spent holiday year end overseas. It was great to be able to fly again, despite the sky high costs.
  3. Our older kid got into GEP program, and managed to cope relatively well. It was a surprise to us as we had done no preparation at all, but since the opportunity had come knocking, it would be a shame to let it pass, so we jumped on the bandwagon, and thank God he could follow the challenging curriculum. Of course, he needs a lot of help, which we certainly try our best to stand beside him. But it’s really an eye opener for all of us.
  4. Amidst the crypto winter, I still have a job, and my employer Bullish is still doing quite well. We managed to hit milestones and records, and thanks to our more cautious and conservative approach to risk taking, we did not get tangled in the crypto mess that had been unearthed so far. Of course, my investment portfolio hit a big loss, as with others who have invested in equities and cryptos, but fortunately I still can hold and not have to liquidate it, since I have stayed clear of margin or loan for investment, and only invested with my own money.
  5. All of us have been healthy so far this year. According to our Chinese horoscope, 2022 was a very bad year for us, especially in terms of health. Thank God, so far it has been ok for us. We got Covid, but who doesn’t, and even then the symptoms were quite manageable and not so serious. Health is really the most important thing in life, for with health comes wealth and everything else.

So, that’s it, my reflections for the year. And with 2023 rolling in, it’s time to plan ahead and see what to achieve for a blooming year.


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