Phan Thiet – Beach, Spa and Fish Sauce

Christian Science Monitor, 28 April 2010 In Normandy, a traveler might stop to pick up a few rounds of Camembert. In Spain, you can nibble on delicious Iberian acorn ham while standing in a forest of suspended hams at a Seville charcuterie. In Vietnam, the specialty is nuoc mam, and I was keen to sample someContinue reading “Phan Thiet – Beach, Spa and Fish Sauce”

Developers set sights on Vietnam gambling strip

So, finally Vietnam has decided to take the bold step of building an integrated resort, following the footstep of her neighbor Singapore. Bold, and risky, but good and encouraging move indeed. Once built and into operation, it will be a boost to the country’s GDP, like what the 2 resorts will do for the economyContinue reading “Developers set sights on Vietnam gambling strip”

The best of Vietnamese fish sauce comes from Phu Quoc

Interesting article, and quite in-depth, given the fact that it was written by a foreigner. Reading it makes me feel curious, and want to visit Phu Quoc someday, to learn more about my country and experience the craftsmanship myself. It will be an exciting journey, I believe 🙂 The Washington Post, 21 April 2010 Old fishermenContinue reading “The best of Vietnamese fish sauce comes from Phu Quoc”

31 stunning Black & White photos

Black and White photography is among one of the most striking forms. Photos sans color require an enhanced use of lighting, shadows, and subject focus. Black and white photography brings out details usually overlooked in standard color photos. Subject studies is the discipline of concentration on one particular subject. Not quite still-lifes, though they share someContinue reading “31 stunning Black & White photos”

How to train your dragon – Lovely ;)

So, finally, after quite a lot of hits and misses, DreamWorks have done it right, again. The movie is cute, lovely, exciting to watch, and captivating until the very end. The plot is not new, not original, but it is presented in a very interesting way, with beautiful animated characters. Even the beasts look cuteContinue reading “How to train your dragon – Lovely ;)”

The secret world of Vietnamese workers in Russia

This story may not be new to insiders, yet outsiders may find it quite shocking and surprising. I myself find it normal. There are always risks, whatever you do and wherever you go. I feel happy that I am here, working and living in a modern city state, earning enough for a living and someContinue reading “The secret world of Vietnamese workers in Russia”

Clash of the Titans – Hype and Reality

This is arguably one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and also one of the best publicized and advertised movies as well. Everywhere you go, you can see something about the movie. There are posters of the movie at the MRT station, on the streets, in shopping malls. You name it, they haveContinue reading “Clash of the Titans – Hype and Reality”

It started with the Ring – Part 2

Ok, let me continue where I left off. So, another online store is James Allen ( Overall, it looks simpler than Blue Nile, with the main color being orange / red. There are not many ring designs either, but what is better than Blue Nile was that they have 3D models of the rings, so youContinue reading “It started with the Ring – Part 2”