Atomic Habits – A practical book with lots of bite-size tips

Atomic Habits is a very practical book with lots of bite-size tips that can be applied right away into your daily life to make a change right away while you continue reading the next pages. The principles in the book are not new. They have been mentioned before, in other self-help books, some famous, someContinue reading “Atomic Habits – A practical book with lots of bite-size tips”

Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore!!!

So, the celebration has finished, the concert has ended and tomorrow is a new working day, when everyone will come back to their own business amidst a pandemic that is still wreaking havoc everywhere and an economy that is still in shambles. However, it’s very encouraging to witness people’s courage and mental strength, and toContinue reading “Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore!!!”

The Song of Achilles – The old story made new

To tell the truth, my knowledge of Achilles before picking up this book was just limited to Troy and his Achilles heel. I watched the movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt, long long ago, but I did not know by then that the flow of events portrayed in that movie was so far from the IliadContinue reading “The Song of Achilles – The old story made new”

Circe – A refreshing take on ancient Greek mythology

When it comes to Greek mythology, the first thing that may come to your mind is those disjointed, separate stories and legends of gods and demigods and monsters that are loosely connected to each other, making them hard to remember and quite messy to organize. You are absolutely right on that, so here comes theContinue reading “Circe – A refreshing take on ancient Greek mythology”

Never Split the Difference – A great book on negotiation

Written by an ex-FBI negotiator, this is a very good book on negotiation skills. Although the tactics mentioned in the book are based on established scientific theories and studies, they are presented not like a research paper, but with full of real life examples and case studies, making the methods, tips and tricks more relatable,Continue reading “Never Split the Difference – A great book on negotiation”

36 and counting, age is just a number

Ok, so I have just entered my 36 years of age. It’s a significant number, considering that I am Asian, and we follow the 12th Chinese Zodiac sign. 36 years means I have finished another full circle, and now entering a new circle, starting again with my zodiac animal, The Rat. And while not muchContinue reading “36 and counting, age is just a number”

COVID Diary – The End is near

Finally, after two months of working from home, I found the time to write some notes on the whirlwind that has thrown the whole world upside down. Millions of jobs have been lost. Millions of people have been infected. Thousands have died. Billions have been impacted, one way or another. People have called it theContinue reading “COVID Diary – The End is near”

From Russia with Blood – The Evil side of Putin

I have just finished Vagabond, the Korean drama series on Netflix. One key event that drove the whole series was the bombing of a commercial airliner, killing more than 200 people on board. Although that was just fiction, it reminded me of a book that I had read not long ago, about a similar eventContinue reading “From Russia with Blood – The Evil side of Putin”

The Five People You Met in Heaven (Part 2)

Finally I finished the book, and this is one of the books that I will be keeping in my collection. It’s full of useful lessons that I want to remember. The first lesson was about life and death, and strangers and the actions that we make every day, which I already mentioned in the lastContinue reading “The Five People You Met in Heaven (Part 2)”