Book review: Web3 by HBR – A great introduction to the concepts of Web3

This is the second book that I have picked up related to crypto and blockchain recently, after the great Defi primer, and another great one I would say. It’s less technical than the first book, and easier to read, yet it gives a very comprehensive view of Web3, both the good and the bad parts,Continue reading “Book review: Web3 by HBR – A great introduction to the concepts of Web3”

Resuming my equity investment, after 1 year pause

A little less than 1 year ago, I made my last equity trades, right before the market dropped significantly, and they were sell trades, to cash out part of my portfolio. Don’t get me wrong, I was not immune to the market crash, and my stock portfolio was down by a significant amount as well.Continue reading “Resuming my equity investment, after 1 year pause”

Yeah Inferno – A Good Movie, ‘Though Much Simpler than the Book

For Dan Brown’s fans, this must be the most awaited movie of the year. Especially after a long wait since Angels & Demons a few years ago. Well, I do not know if it satisfies all the hardcore fans or not, but it’s definitely not a bad movie at all. If there is one thingContinue reading “Yeah Inferno – A Good Movie, ‘Though Much Simpler than the Book”

Allegiant – A nice divergence from the book

First of all, credit must be given to the script writers for coming up with a gripping plot that can be followed easily even for those who have never read the book before. Besides, they should be given credit for diverging from the original book, which was less than perfect and considered quite underperforming byContinue reading “Allegiant – A nice divergence from the book”

The Blacklist Season 3 – The Director

Similar to the previous seasons, the highlight of the season is always the double episode blacklister, one who is powerful enough to command double screen time that the normal criminal. This time, it’s none other than the Director, the man who was responsible to push things into motion and lead to all the events inContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – The Director”

Fast & Furious 7 – A nice farewell gift to Paul Walker’s fans

One thing for sure, this will be the last Fast and Furious movie starring Paula Walker, who passed away recently in a tragic car accident. And while we still mourn his death, at least we have a proper venue to say farewell to him, and to see him once again at his best, doing whatContinue reading “Fast & Furious 7 – A nice farewell gift to Paul Walker’s fans”

First day of the year

First of all, Happy New Year 2015 to everyone who has visited this blog before. One of my resolutions for this year is to maintain this blog better, which means to write more often and to reflect more on my life and what happens around me, so that it can really be the world viewContinue reading “First day of the year”

Developers set sights on Vietnam gambling strip

So, finally Vietnam has decided to take the bold step of building an integrated resort, following the footstep of her neighbor Singapore. Bold, and risky, but good and encouraging move indeed. Once built and into operation, it will be a boost to the country’s GDP, like what the 2 resorts will do for the economyContinue reading “Developers set sights on Vietnam gambling strip”