Daddy, what did you eat today?

Daddy, what did you eat today? My son asked me, out of nothing. I looked at him, and I was shaken. Really shaken. To the core. Yes, such a simple question. But it made me think. What did I eat today? How was it like? How many times did I skip my lunch? And howContinue reading “Daddy, what did you eat today?”

Eat to Live or Live To Eat

Overheard 2 guys talking in the train last night on the way home “You should eat in order to survive…” Suddenly thinking. Should we eat our meals every day just to survive, to get in enough nutritions into our bodies for a proper functioning of the organs? Or should we enjoy our food and getContinue reading “Eat to Live or Live To Eat”

Bread Street Singapore – Nice, comfortable meal

(All credits of the photos in this post go to the original owners. We did not take any photo since we were focusing too much on enjoying the food :P) Since it was Valentine’s Day, and we have not gone out alone (without the kids) for quite a while, I decided to go upscale aContinue reading “Bread Street Singapore – Nice, comfortable meal”

Burnt – A nice movie about food

In general, people are normally more forgiving when it comes to movies about food, or movies that feature beautifully plated food. After all, even if the movie sucks, there is still the consolation prize for wasting the few hours of your life, which is the chance to marvel at and drool on plates of delicacyContinue reading “Burnt – A nice movie about food”

TCC Vivocity – An enjoyable meal

I have to admit that my previous experience with TCC has not been favourable so far. We mostly frequented TCC Changi Airport and TCC MBS outlets. The food was just so so, and the service was extremely bad. Therefore, when we decided to walk into TCC Vivocity for lunch, I did not hold very highContinue reading “TCC Vivocity – An enjoyable meal”