Happy Piggie New Year

For many Asians, the new year will only begin with the passing of the lunar calendar, and the period between the the Gregorian new year and the lunar new year is kind of a limbo state where we officially start the new year but our minds and hearts are still rooting for another passing aContinue reading “Happy Piggie New Year”

Daddy, what did you eat today?

Daddy, what did you eat today? My son asked me, out of nothing. I looked at him, and I was shaken. Really shaken. To the core. Yes, such a simple question. But it made me think. What did I eat today? How was it like? How many times did I skip my lunch? And howContinue reading “Daddy, what did you eat today?”

Conversation in the A&E room

The nurse walked out of the A&E room. Everyone looked up, anxiously waiting. She called out a name. No response. She called again. Still no response. Then the admin staff answered: “No family member”. “No family member”. The nurse mumbled, walking back in. I did not know what that patient would feel, but if IContinue reading “Conversation in the A&E room”

Eat to Live or Live To Eat

Overheard 2 guys talking in the train last night on the way home “You should eat in order to survive…” Suddenly thinking. Should we eat our meals every day just to survive, to get in enough nutritions into our bodies for a proper functioning of the organs? Or should we enjoy our food and getContinue reading “Eat to Live or Live To Eat”

First day of the year

First of all, Happy New Year 2015 to everyone who has visited this blog before. One of my resolutions for this year is to maintain this blog better, which means to write more often and to reflect more on my life and what happens around me, so that it can really be the world viewContinue reading “First day of the year”

The 7 Worst Mistakes People Make in their 30s

Another interesting article from Business Insider. As I am approaching my 30s, I feel that they are very true and applicable for me. I should keep watching out for them, so that 10 years later I will not look back and regret wasting my 30s not doing things I should have done. How about you?Continue reading “The 7 Worst Mistakes People Make in their 30s”