Soul – A nice Pixar movie to start the new year with

It’s a nice and meaningful movie for the whole family. It will be perceived a bit differently by people of different ages, but I strongly believe that everyone will get something for themselves. It remains to be seen whether the movie will become a classic, like Up, Inside Out or Toy Story, but one thing for sure, it will warm your heart in these winter days and make you feel that life is still beautiful.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 – Winterfell

I guess by now, if you are a GOT fan, you should have already watched season 8 episode 1, and if you are not, you will not even bother. Anyway, for the benefit of those rare fans who are still procrastinating and maybe waiting for the whole season to end first, SPOILERS ARE COMING!!!! TheContinue reading “Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 – Winterfell”

Wind River – Justice is served, but a bit cold (and late)

It is often said that revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, maybe not for justice. When justice is served cold (and late), someone has had to suffer injustice, and no matter what, it may be too little too late, and there will be a bitter taste in the end. And that was whatContinue reading “Wind River – Justice is served, but a bit cold (and late)”

Logan Lucky – A surprisingly cool movie to watch

I picked up this movie purely based on the high ratings it has gathered in other review sites, and to tell the truth, I almost wanted to switch to another a few times in the first 30 minutes or so. The story built up quite slowly initially, and the actors seemed boring and lack ofContinue reading “Logan Lucky – A surprisingly cool movie to watch”

Avengers Infinity War – Arguably the best Marvel movie ever

Normally I don’t like movies with ensemble cast. This is an exception. Despite the huge number of heroes, the movie still gave them enough time to shine instead of just a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance. And despite the various locations, the flow of the whole movie was clear and logical and not ended up in a messContinue reading “Avengers Infinity War – Arguably the best Marvel movie ever”

Transformers The Last Knight, thankfully, finally!!!

Thankfully I did not go to the cinema, and only watched the movie when it was available for home viewing. Seriously I could not understand how the producer and director could justify this production. It was a pain to watch, and a torturous two hour of screen time. Boom. Boom. And boom. The end. TheContinue reading “Transformers The Last Knight, thankfully, finally!!!”

When the leader is blinded by hate, the team will suffer

When the leader is blinded by hate, the team will surely suffer. That has been proven true again and again, and don’t worry, you are not reading a blog post on career advice. It’s a movie review post, and the two movies that I have watched recently both reminded me of that simple yet hardContinue reading “When the leader is blinded by hate, the team will suffer”

Logan – A tired Wolverine

Tired. That was the overwhelming feeling I had after watching 2.5 hours of that movie on the big screen. And tired, too, were the characters, especially Logan a.k.a. Wolverine. He was far from the prime Wolverine that we came to know and love many years ago. Gone are the days of the endless power, instantContinue reading “Logan – A tired Wolverine”

La La Land – A Beautiful movie with a bittersweet ending

According to many critics and reviews, this is one of the best movies of the year, and a strong contender for the coming award season, so it was an obvious choice once we managed to squeeze a little bit of free time out of our busy routines to go and catch a movie. However, IContinue reading “La La Land – A Beautiful movie with a bittersweet ending”

Yeah Inferno – A Good Movie, ‘Though Much Simpler than the Book

For Dan Brown’s fans, this must be the most awaited movie of the year. Especially after a long wait since Angels & Demons a few years ago. Well, I do not know if it satisfies all the hardcore fans or not, but it’s definitely not a bad movie at all. If there is one thingContinue reading “Yeah Inferno – A Good Movie, ‘Though Much Simpler than the Book”