World Cup 2010 – A funny view

Torres is well on the way towards taming all those fierce looking bulls Will Messi bring home Argentina’s 3rd cup? Even without Ballack, Germany is still strong Kaka is holding the key to Brazil’s success in this World Cup Will the flying Dutchmen be flying high this time? Everyone is waiting for Ronaldo’s magic tricks.Continue reading “World Cup 2010 – A funny view”

European leagues are coming to a close (2)

Serie A: Inter Milan. So, finally, Inter Milan has won the title for the 5th consecutive years. If they win the Champion’s League this weekend, they will have a miraculous season, comparable to Barcelona last year. It will not be easier, yet not out of reach, and they have enough reasons to find with whateverContinue reading “European leagues are coming to a close (2)”

European leagues are coming to a close (1)

So, the European leagues are coming to a close. It has been quite a while since the last we had to wait for so long to see the champions surface. Most of the time, the winners were quite confirmed before the last round. Not this year. The playing fields have become much more level, andContinue reading “European leagues are coming to a close (1)”