We bought a zoo, a light but heart warming movie

Recently, there has been quite an influx of movies about father love for his child, and trust me, they hardly go wrong. Earlier this year, we had a beautiful movie called Real Steel, and now comes We Bought A Zoo. Nice family movie, I must say, and perfect for a weekend evening for the wholeContinue reading “We bought a zoo, a light but heart warming movie”

New Year’s Eve – A nice movie for the new year

To tell the truth, I am not really a big fan of ensemble movies, as I find them less focused and most of the time quite messy. Moreover, each character does not have enough time to develop, and becomes forgettable. Fortunately, New Year’s Eve was an exception. It was a good movie that was speciallyContinue reading “New Year’s Eve – A nice movie for the new year”

Johnny English Reborn, finally, luckily

It’s a really long wait, and it’s quite worth it. Johnny English has finally come back after a very long exile, figuratively and literally. He was still fun to watch, silly but funny, and gave us a great entertaining night out. The story continued five years after the first movie, with Johnny going on exileContinue reading “Johnny English Reborn, finally, luckily”

Phan Thiet – Beach, Spa and Fish Sauce

Christian Science Monitor, 28 April 2010 In Normandy, a traveler might stop to pick up a few rounds of Camembert. In Spain, you can nibble on delicious Iberian acorn ham while standing in a forest of suspended hams at a Seville charcuterie. In Vietnam, the specialty is nuoc mam, and I was keen to sample someContinue reading “Phan Thiet – Beach, Spa and Fish Sauce”