Soul – A nice Pixar movie to start the new year with

It’s a nice and meaningful movie for the whole family. It will be perceived a bit differently by people of different ages, but I strongly believe that everyone will get something for themselves. It remains to be seen whether the movie will become a classic, like Up, Inside Out or Toy Story, but one thing for sure, it will warm your heart in these winter days and make you feel that life is still beautiful.

Into The Woods – Should be straight to DVD, or even not made at all…

This is the first movie we watched in cinema this year, and sadly it turned out so bad, that I myself, for the first time ever, had to check my watch to see whether it would end soon. I have not watched the musical before, but I really cannot take this movie at all. It’sContinue reading “Into The Woods – Should be straight to DVD, or even not made at all…”

Magnificent Maleficent

Yes, simply put, Maleficent is magnificent. The storyline is simple yet charming and engaging, the acting convincing and no non-sense, the sets beautifully done and the CGI just enough to lift up the movie but not overwhelmed other elements. This is another right move for Disney, and with Frozen, then Maleficent, it seems that afterContinue reading “Magnificent Maleficent”