Allegiant – A nice divergence from the book

First of all, credit must be given to the script writers for coming up with a gripping plot that can be followed easily even for those who have never read the book before. Besides, they should be given credit for diverging from the original book, which was less than perfect and considered quite underperforming byContinue reading “Allegiant – A nice divergence from the book”

Insurgent – A really good action movie

It has been ages since I last posted. So many things to care about. Family. Work. Travel plans. I know they are not good excuses, so here I am, stealing some quiet time in between work, family, sleep, rest and other stuffs to catch up on my blogging and back to my writing hobby. Insurgent,Continue reading “Insurgent – A really good action movie”

The Fault in Our Stars – A Beautiful Book Adaption

  There are two things that I want to admit. First of all, I have never read this book. Not before watching the movie, and not even after watching it. And secondly, I have seen more than my fair share of failed book adaptions into the big screen. Yes, it’s not easy to make aContinue reading “The Fault in Our Stars – A Beautiful Book Adaption”