Factfulness – A beautiful book full of positivity

It was the first book I’ve read in the year 2022, and it’s totally worth my time. A really good start for my reading journey this year. The book was full of positivity, as the main focus of the author was to spread the message of a better world that we are living in. TheContinue reading “Factfulness – A beautiful book full of positivity”

Money Heist rewatch and lessons – Part 1 episode 1&2

So, as a preparation for the upcoming new season of Money Heist, I decided to start rewatching the series from the start. It was fun, even though I am quite sure I will not finish all of them before the new season rolls in, judging from my snail pace of progressing at the moment. AndContinue reading “Money Heist rewatch and lessons – Part 1 episode 1&2”

36 and counting, age is just a number

Ok, so I have just entered my 36 years of age. It’s a significant number, considering that I am Asian, and we follow the 12th Chinese Zodiac sign. 36 years means I have finished another full circle, and now entering a new circle, starting again with my zodiac animal, The Rat. And while not muchContinue reading “36 and counting, age is just a number”

COVID Diary – The End is near

Finally, after two months of working from home, I found the time to write some notes on the whirlwind that has thrown the whole world upside down. Millions of jobs have been lost. Millions of people have been infected. Thousands have died. Billions have been impacted, one way or another. People have called it theContinue reading “COVID Diary – The End is near”

The Five People You Met in Heaven (Part 2)

Finally I finished the book, and this is one of the books that I will be keeping in my collection. It’s full of useful lessons that I want to remember. The first lesson was about life and death, and strangers and the actions that we make every day, which I already mentioned in the lastContinue reading “The Five People You Met in Heaven (Part 2)”

The Five People You Meet In Heaven – Part 1

First book of the year 2020 and I am glad I chose this. I have only got through 20% of it, and yet it has seemed to be a great read, full of insights and lessons, and a perfect start for a new year. The story is about Eddie’s journey in the afterlife, right afterContinue reading “The Five People You Meet In Heaven – Part 1”

Unf*ck Yourself – Book Summary and Review

First of all, let me get one thing straight. After reading this book, I find it to be of the same vibe as so many other self help books or websites that you can find almost everywhere nowadays. There are some good tips, so novel ideas, but mostly nothing new (or probably it’s just because I have read too many of those similar materials elsewhere). I learnt something in the book, and refreshed some points that I had gone through before, and I managed to create some connections. So, in a way, it’s not total waste of time for me, and it will surely benefit those who are new to this genre. If you need some motivations to make changes in your daily life, you can just dive in, and gain something for yourself. I am pretty sure you can get something useful, and your life will at least improve a little, or at least you will feel like so.

Happy Piggie New Year

For many Asians, the new year will only begin with the passing of the lunar calendar, and the period between the the Gregorian new year and the lunar new year is kind of a limbo state where we officially start the new year but our minds and hearts are still rooting for another passing aContinue reading “Happy Piggie New Year”

Daddy, what did you eat today?

Daddy, what did you eat today? My son asked me, out of nothing. I looked at him, and I was shaken. Really shaken. To the core. Yes, such a simple question. But it made me think. What did I eat today? How was it like? How many times did I skip my lunch? And howContinue reading “Daddy, what did you eat today?”