The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 2 – Marvin Gerard, the fallen lawyer

Another solid episode of The Blacklist season 3. No more luxury of discarding one black lister to the hands of FBI every week,┬áRed has to build his army to fight back against the mysterious Cabal. He had to run, he had to hide, but that did not make him desperate, and he surely did notContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 2 – Marvin Gerard, the fallen lawyer”

The Blacklist Season 3 – Red is back, finally

Finally, The Blacklist is back, after a long summer break. And, after watching the premiere episode, titled The Troll Farmer, I can say that it’s worth the wait. It will be even more intense and thrilling, now that Liz and Red are on the run, and become the target of not only the Cabal, butContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – Red is back, finally”

The Blacklist Season 2: Lord Baltimore

So, after a long long wait, the Blacklist is finally back. And, oh it’s good. The story continued what it left off in the finale of season 1, with Red continued chasing Berlin and those who works for him. This time, it is even more exciting, as Berlin is finally in town, directly turning theContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 2: Lord Baltimore”

The Blacklist Season 1 – An interesting crime series

It has been a long long time since we last watched a series, let alone a crime series. Crime series has never been our favourite, no thanks to the kind of logic and content of those like NCIS and CSI. They have become less smart and witty, and more routine and repetitive to the pointContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 1 – An interesting crime series”