Atomic Habits – A practical book with lots of bite-size tips

Atomic Habits is a very practical book with lots of bite-size tips that can be applied right away into your daily life to make a change right away while you continue reading the next pages. The principles in the book are not new. They have been mentioned before, in other self-help books, some famous, someContinue reading “Atomic Habits – A practical book with lots of bite-size tips”

Never Split the Difference – A great book on negotiation

Written by an ex-FBI negotiator, this is a very good book on negotiation skills. Although the tactics mentioned in the book are based on established scientific theories and studies, they are presented not like a research paper, but with full of real life examples and case studies, making the methods, tips and tricks more relatable,Continue reading “Never Split the Difference – A great book on negotiation”

Unf*ck Yourself – Book Summary and Review

First of all, let me get one thing straight. After reading this book, I find it to be of the same vibe as so many other self help books or websites that you can find almost everywhere nowadays. There are some good tips, so novel ideas, but mostly nothing new (or probably it’s just because I have read too many of those similar materials elsewhere). I learnt something in the book, and refreshed some points that I had gone through before, and I managed to create some connections. So, in a way, it’s not total waste of time for me, and it will surely benefit those who are new to this genre. If you need some motivations to make changes in your daily life, you can just dive in, and gain something for yourself. I am pretty sure you can get something useful, and your life will at least improve a little, or at least you will feel like so.