Thoughts on House of The Dragon, part 1

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, like me, then I guess you also were in shock and utter devastation when the series ended the way it did, and even proclaimed that you would never watch anything related to that universe again. I did, and therefore, I had serious doubt when the news ofContinue reading “Thoughts on House of The Dragon, part 1”

Money Heist rewatch and lessons – Part 1 episode 1&2

So, as a preparation for the upcoming new season of Money Heist, I decided to start rewatching the series from the start. It was fun, even though I am quite sure I will not finish all of them before the new season rolls in, judging from my snail pace of progressing at the moment. AndContinue reading “Money Heist rewatch and lessons – Part 1 episode 1&2”

Finally it’s back – The Blacklist Season 4

Yes, finally it’s back. After a long wait nonetheless. And after a suspenseful, thrilling end of season 3. There were too many unanswered questions, and hopefully this season will answer at least some of them. So far, the first 2 episodes of the new season have been quite something to look forward to. The firstContinue reading “Finally it’s back – The Blacklist Season 4”

The Blacklist season 3 is back

Yes, finally it’s back. After a quite long hiatus, the crime series is coming back onscreen again. It  may be due to the fact that the lead actress, Megan Boone, has just given birth to her baby girl, and needs to take some time off work, or just simply due to the fact that theContinue reading “The Blacklist season 3 is back”

The Blacklist Season 3 – Mr Gregory Devry

I can say that this is one of the best episode of The Blacklist that I have watched so far. The plot is rich and hard to guess, the performance credible, and the level of complication was simply through the roof. Kudos to the team for pulling off another amazing episode again. I was keptContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – Mr Gregory Devry”

The Blacklist Season 3 – The Director

Similar to the previous seasons, the highlight of the season is always the double episode blacklister, one who is powerful enough to command double screen time that the normal criminal. This time, it’s none other than the Director, the man who was responsible to push things into motion and lead to all the events inContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – The Director”

The Blacklist Season 3 – Kings of the Highway

I have just mentioned in the last post that Red now had an upper hand, and then suddenly all those huge advantages have been thoroughly wiped out in just one episode, and landed Red and Liz in a much more difficult situation than they had ever experienced throughout the whole season. Liz was captured. Dembe wasContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – Kings of the Highway”

The Blacklist Season 3 – Zal Bin Hasaan

(Photo: NBC) Now I understand why this photo is among the teasers for the episode. This episode is all about agent Navabi, her past, her story, and her emotions. And it’s exciting to get deeper into the lives of the characters in the show, especially the supporting ones, and see how they fit in toContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – Zal Bin Hasaan”

The Blacklist Season 3 – Sir Crispin Crandall

There have been quite a few gut wrenching episodes of the Blacklist, and this episode is surely one of them. The concept is really sick – kidnap the most brilliant minds of the time, cut out their brains and freeze them in super low temperature to preserve the brain tissues in hope that one day,Continue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – Sir Crispin Crandall”