Happy 56th Birthday, Singapore

With one day left to National Day and #SG56, I am very happy to see the government making a brave move to start opening up the economy in a bid towards becoming Covid resilient, and accept the fact that it’s unrealistic and impossible to keep closing the country up in order to keep infection toContinue reading “Happy 56th Birthday, Singapore”

Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore!!!

So, the celebration has finished, the concert has ended and tomorrow is a new working day, when everyone will come back to their own business amidst a pandemic that is still wreaking havoc everywhere and an economy that is still in shambles. However, it’s very encouraging to witness people’s courage and mental strength, and toContinue reading “Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore!!!”

Les Miserables musical, a long and worthwhile wait

So, finally, Les Miserables musical has returned to Singapore after many, many years, and it’s really worth the wait. It was an eye opener, and a genius remake of the legendary masterpiece. This time, we were so excited that we bought the tickets very early, and ended up getting the best seats, very near theContinue reading “Les Miserables musical, a long and worthwhile wait”

Beauty and the Beast, a feel good musical

I went into the Marina Bay Sands theatre, not expecting very much. After all, this is a Disney cartoon turned musical. The songs are nice, easy to hear, and popular, but are they good enough for singing on stage? And will there be enough songs to fill the whole story line, or the actors andContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast, a feel good musical”

Beyond the Barricade – Beyond my tolerance level

It was a really unfortunate experience, since both of us have always been musical fans. We have watched quite a few of the most popular musicals in the world when they came to our shore. Therefore, we hit the theatre on that Friday night, hoping to have a good night, but we had to leaveContinue reading “Beyond the Barricade – Beyond my tolerance level”