Wind River – Justice is served, but a bit cold (and late)

It is often said that revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, maybe not for justice. When justice is served cold (and late), someone has had to suffer injustice, and no matter what, it may be too little too late, and there will be a bitter taste in the end. And that was whatContinue reading “Wind River – Justice is served, but a bit cold (and late)”

Finally it’s back – The Blacklist Season 4

Yes, finally it’s back. After a long wait nonetheless. And after a suspenseful, thrilling end of season 3. There were too many unanswered questions, and hopefully this season will answer at least some of them. So far, the first 2 episodes of the new season have been quite something to look forward to. The firstContinue reading “Finally it’s back – The Blacklist Season 4”

The Blacklist Season 3 – Arioch Cain

Another action packed episode of The Blacklist, and this time there was even more drama to keep viewers on their seats throughout the whole 45 minutes. Even though I don’t really understand from where that episode name came, I loved the action, the danger, and the high speed of events. This time, the quest toContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – Arioch Cain”

The Blacklist Season 3 – Red is back, finally

Finally, The Blacklist is back, after a long summer break. And, after watching the premiere episode, titled The Troll Farmer, I can say that it’s worth the wait. It will be even more intense and thrilling, now that Liz and Red are on the run, and become the target of not only the Cabal, butContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 3 – Red is back, finally”

It’s time to enter the maze

They were thrown in the maze. They got stuck in the maze. They got out of the maze. Yes, that’s pretty much the backbone of the story. It was not the most sophisticated movie in the world, and the story is not the most innovative and creative story in the world either. But it doesContinue reading “It’s time to enter the maze”

The Blacklist Season 1 – An interesting crime series

It has been a long long time since we last watched a series, let alone a crime series. Crime series has never been our favourite, no thanks to the kind of logic and content of those like NCIS and CSI. They have become less smart and witty, and more routine and repetitive to the pointContinue reading “The Blacklist Season 1 – An interesting crime series”