Conversation in the A&E room

The nurse walked out of the A&E room. Everyone looked up, anxiously waiting. She called out a name. No response. She called again. Still no response. Then the admin staff answered: “No family member”.

“No family member”. The nurse mumbled, walking back in.

I did not know what that patient would feel, but if I were him, I would feel very sad. Waking up, in pain, and seeing no familiar face beside him. What would he think? And would the physical pain be stronger or the emotional pain?

To me, the answer is starkly simple.

Physical pain can be eased by painkillers, but there is no medicine for the emotional pain.

I would never want to be in that situation. Not at all.

And I would not want to put my loved ones in that situation either.

We are all living in a very busy world, where we spent the bulk of our time at work. We only have a few pockets of time left every day, and there are so many activities fighting for those little precious hours. Squeezing in some more work. Reading. Watching your favourite TV show. Browsing Internet. Catching up with friends. So many that, in fact, we can hardly find the time for all of them.

I am not saying that they are not important. They are all important, to a certain degree. But there is something more important than that. Something that we should try to squeeze some time for.


Because after all, they are the ones that will be there for you, with you, in times of need. Who you can lean on, call on, and look for when you need someone to be there with you. For you.

I for sure, will do. And I will keep reminding myself that. Everyday.


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