X-Men: First Class – An exhilarating ride

You may have cried out in pain “Oh no, not another super hero movie again”. I really understand your feeling. Recently, we have been constantly bombarded with super hero movies of all kinds, from human to dogs to even lesser kinds of animals. And you may have lost your trust in X-Men following the failure of X-Men Wolverine. That, I also can understand, and I share your empathy. X-Men Wolverine is really a flop, but if you are generous and forgiving enough, then please give this movie a try, and hopefully, you will love it, as I gave it a try and I love it again.

X-Men First Class went back to the very beginning of the story, to tell us about the childhood years of the most important characters, Professor X and Magneto. If you have not read the comic before, and you will surely love those details, because they give you a fuller, more complete picture of the whole story. It’s like watching LOTR 3 and recalling the questions you had when watching LOTR 1. It also gives us the chance to get to know more about those characters, and understand what contributed to making them what they grew up to be.

We all know that Professor X is a telepathy who can read minds and plant his thoughts into minds, but many of us may not know his background, and why he has the urge to find others like him, save them, nurture them and teach them to make good use of their talents. X-Men First Class helped us answer those questions, and we also understand more why he has the kind of love for human, who have been rejecting him and hunting him and his people, and why he has that kind of love and hesitance when it comes to Magneto, despite all the bad things that guy has done to him.

This movie also tells us more about Magneto, his background and his upbringing, his difficult childhood years and what contribute to making him that human hater that we have known all along. We know that he can control magnetism, but we may not know where he came from and why he hates mankind so much, and what urges him to keep fighting for a world ruled by mutants. This movie helps us answer those questions, and also give us more details on his connection with the mutant Mystique.

True to its name, X-Men First Class also tells us about Mystique and gives us the full story of her background, which is really interesting. It’s good to know the girl behind that mask, and understand why she is so loyal to Magneto. Although I must say that the new girl is not as pretty as the Rebecca Romjin, who played the same role last time, I believe she will get famous and we will be seeing her more and more very soon.

Of course, a movie like this will become no fun without any villain, and the villains here are quite noteworthy. Yes, they are mutants too. I know it’s quite painful to see mutants fighting each other, but sometimes that’s inevitable. Well, at least the good ones won, and there was not much mutant bloodshed and no indiscriminate killings.


X-Men First Class focuses quite a lot on story telling, instead of just fighting and explosions, which is nice. It’s really boring to watch a show of explosions and effects without any story and with broken links and plot holes everywhere. This movie is different. It’s quite well rounded. It starts and ends well, and its special effects help carry the story and entertain viewers, not substituting the story and the characters. The digital version looks and feels great, but I actually was too immersed in the story that I did not realize the presence of those CGI until much later.

Overall, X-Men First Class is good to watch, and should be quite worth your time and money 🙂

As usual, more photos of the movie below 😀

Azazel, a villain with Hellboy’s look, a demonic tail and Jumper’s ability

Emma Frost, a villain with telepathy skill similar to Professor X, plus the ability to turn herself into a huge chunk of diamond (well, I don’t know whether she can pluck out a small piece of that or not, because if she can, she will surely possess the biggest diamond the world has ever known)

Dr. Coy aka The Beast

Bernard Shaw and Emma Frost, scheming the next move







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