Transformers The Last Knight, thankfully, finally!!!


Thankfully I did not go to the cinema, and only watched the movie when it was available for home viewing. Seriously I could not understand how the producer and director could justify this production. It was a pain to watch, and a torturous two hour of screen time. Boom. Boom. And boom. The end.

The plot was thin and very simple, even for an action movie. Just a bunch of robots hitting on and shooting at each other. And the over abuse of CGI made the whole movie more like a showcase of computer technology.

The hopeless effort to link the story of the robots with the legend of the Round Table Knights did not help to lift the story by an inch. Rather, it’s like an insult to the legendary tale of King Arthur. He must have been very shameful to have to share the table with those soulless moving machines.

There are times where a main actor has enough strength and wit to carry the whole film. But not here. Even the appearance of Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins, how ever talented they are, still could not salvage the disaster. They did not have enough screen time to showcase their acting chops, and in this story of machines, humans were reduced to mere pawns in the game, less for making an impact and more for signifying the difference of power.

Even the lovely Bumblebee is not funny anymore in this movie. He has always been a rare bright spot of this whole series, and kind of a saving grace. When I saw him in the previous movies, at least I found something fun and entertaining. Not anymore. With that degradation, then you know how wrong it must have become.

There was a twist in the story, but it was so predictable that it became so childish. And the problem was resolved so easily and quickly that it seemed not much like a problem at all. Don’t underestimate the viewers’ intelligence so much. Please.

There was another new leading girl (again). But really, Megan Fox was right when she criticised the film and the way the leading girl became a mere beautiful puppet. Honestly, hers was still the best among the transformers’ girls, and it only went down and down since she left. We had different vases in each instalment, who barely appeared and disappeared and left no mark or significance to the whole movie, and I can bet you don’t remember who they are and what they have done.

This is the only bright spot in this whole disaster. The girl is lovely, lively and strong. And no, she is not the main girl who got thrown around by the robots and explosions. She was more like a add on, but she shone in every shot that she had (and too bad there were so few). She lived to the character, she showed real emotions in her scenes and I could feel her genuine emotions when she cried for the fallen robot friend or the sheer happiness when she fixed those robot parts.

Overall, it was a bad movie, and unless you have nothing else to watch, or you really want to destress by seeing metal scraps being blown to pieces, I strongly suggest to give this a miss. And I really hope they will leave the Autobots for good, even though the after credit scene still left some hooks for a potential revival (there are really things that better left unturned).

Thank you Autobots. You have saved the Earth again. Now you can rest in peace.


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